Tower of God chapter 553

Tower Of God Chapter 553 Spoilers, Raw Scan, Release Date, And More

This Manhwa has left an impression on people 4.5 billion times! Yes, you read it right. Keep reading to know the release date of Tower of God Chapter 553, spoilers, raw scan, plot, and where to read if you haven’t started yet! 

To say that Tower of God is a popular manhwa would be an understatement. This South-Korean manga has a dedicated huge fanbase to its name and fans are waiting for the next chapters to be released. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Tower of god chapter 553

Are you someone who is fascinated by magic, the universe, and divine elements? Then, this manhwa is made for you! The story goes like there is a Tower of God if you climb that successfully then all your wishes will come true. Two protagonists- Bam and Rachel take the story forward. Twenty-fifth Bam has lived almost all of his life trapped in the dark and dingy tower. Rachel too enters the tower to get rid of her fear of darkness. When Rachel disappears, Bam is distressed and makes all efforts to reconcile with her. On the other hand, Rachel just wants to reach the top of the tower even if it comes at cost of leaving Bam! 

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Tower Of God Chapter 553 Release Date

Tower of god chapter 553

Tower of God was published 10 years ago on 30th June 2010 and since then it has been going on which is a big achievement in itself. Till now, 552 chapters have been up for the readers. Coming to what you have been asking, Tower of God chapter 553 is speculated to be released on 31st July 2022. This date, however, is tentative. There are other guesses as well but this seems more realistic. Moreover, TOG has been irregular in releasing chapters and has gone on hiatus without proper explanations. We would suggest you not be heartbroken if the dates get postponed!

Raw Scan Of Tower Of God Chapter 553

Tower of god chapter 553


Raw scans are usually accessible about 2-3 days prior to the chapter’s release date. Hence, 28-29th July 2022 would be tentative dates for getting to witness the raw scans. These are circulated on social media platforms- Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more. Raw scans are digital photos, snippets, or some form of raw, unpolished, and original work from the chapter that is yet to be published. These act as a window to the chapters and give a sneak peek or any other interesting information for increasing the excitement among fans. 

A Quick Recap

Tower of God chapter 553

We will give you a recap of chapter 550 as other chapters 551 and 552 are not translated yet. Well, Bam’s teacher got a re-entry after a total of 400 chapters which is a huge development. He survived and didn’t die in the webcomic. There are a lot of questions but we have to wait for Tower of God chapter 553.

Tower Of God Chapter 553 Spoilers


What is gonna happen next? Rachel is trying to get to the top of the tower even if it requires sacrificing Bam. She has made attempts to kill Bam. will she continue this or have a change of heart? Also, we will see the return of Bam’s first Shinsu teacher. To get engrossed in the webcomic you have to read it from the start otherwise it would be a little difficult to grasp. But it’s worth it! Tower of God Chapter 553 is going to be a full package. Don’t miss out.

Where to read?

We do not recommend reading from pirated sources or other unofficial means. Read it from credible sources as it is a labor of love. Tower of God Chapter 553 and all the previous chapters released can be read on Webtoon.


Q- When did Tower of God webtoon start?

A- It was released on 30th June 2010.

Q- Who is the writer of Tower of God?

A- The creator of Tower of God webcomic is Slave In Utero.

Q- What animation studio made Tower of God?

A- It is animated by Telecom Animation Film.

Q-  Is Tower of God a manga or anime?

A- Tower of God was originally published as a manga later got adapted into anime.

Q- How many episodes of Tower of God anime are there?

A- There are 13 episodes of Tower of God.

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