They say that the crazy are those who dare to tell the truth regardless of the consequences. And it is that they are annoyed to meet fake people, who live by appearances, the one you confront and end up pointing out as the villain of the story. Before it hurt you, but now you don’t care, you prefer to put honesty first. Your intention is not to hurt, it is their responsibility how they take it. This top of the zodiac signs shows that they no longer care if they are hated, it is the top of the signs that tell you the truth even if you hate them:

1.- Sagittarius

No matter who weighs you, Sagi, you are the most honest sign of the entire zodiac. You see no need to lie to anyone. Your liberal and crazy personality does not fit anyone and you love it. That person who is not ready to listen to the brutality that can come out of your mouth had better continue on their way. The last thing you want is to surround yourself with hypocritical people.

2.- Aries

You are the person who is going to say just what the rest are afraid of, you do not beat around the bush and the faster the conversation takes place, the better for you. You like to let go of any ties when it comes to putting the truth first. That is, it doesn’t matter if it’s your partner, friend or family member, you’re going to tell them things without any kind of filter even if they get upset.

3.- Leo

What you hate most is people who beat around the bush. Leo, you are a very brave sign, you are not afraid of the consequences, because you are used to the fact that life is not rosy and fighting against bad streaks is necessary from time to time. It is not about looking for conflicts, but if you have to break the illusions of someone you love, you will do it, you will not lie.

4.- Cancer

You can see transparency in each of your actions. Within you there is an immense goodness, you are able to put yourself in the place of many and help them if necessary. However, you expect the same sincerity from the other. If they’re not being genuine, they’d better stay away. You prefer that they hate you and leave, than continue to maintain a bond that does not leave you anything good.

5.- Virgo

There are times when you don’t have the slightest bit of control when it comes to telling the truth. You go straight for the jugular and you don’t think about who will be affected. Of course, that doesn’t make you an ogre, it just makes you sick dealing with people who justify that white lies are valid. For you that is the same, sooner or later, the truth will come out and everything will fall apart.

6.- Taurus

You are definitely not a pro-conflict person. You try too hard to maintain balance in your life and that is why you do not allow lies, that is only synonymous with chaos. What terrifies you the most is that the people you love end up being two-faced, that’s why you’re so meticulous when choosing them and you don’t forgive falsehoods.

7.- Scorpio

You are an extremely intense sign and you do not plan to wear yourself out to change anyone’s mind. However, just because you’re used to emotional ups and downs, doesn’t mean you’ll tolerate lies. You want to build healthy relationships, not have to distrust people who claim to love you.

8.- Capricorn

It’s simple, you demand the truth in all areas of your life, because it costs you a lot to show yourself as you are. You are clear that no one is perfect, you know that people often make mistakes, but you stay with the brave who face the consequences and who do not try to see your face, making fun of your naive side. Those attitudes for you are very immature.

9.- Aquarius

Let’s say that the advantage with you is that you get to keep many truths to yourself, because you know that there are people who will never change and there is no point in wearing yourself out. You are not really a sign that enjoys confrontation, you want peace and if it is in your hands to avoid drama, you will do it. However, that does not make you a liar, you are not going to say things that you do not know, period.

10.- Pisces

Pisces, the reason why you can’t stand to interact with fake people is because your sensitivity would be put at risk. You are a very dedicated sign, you do not know how to love lightly, you like intensity and unconditionality does not scare you. That’s why lies make you sick, you don’t want those kinds of people, you don’t even want to tell them anything.

11.- Libra

There is a part of you that does not finish believing in the other, even if it tries. Libra, you prefer to be the exaggerated and distrustful sign, than to open your heart to people who do not deserve a second of your time. In a way, you prepare yourself for betrayal, but that does not mean that you will forgive. It is enough that they do it to you once to get them out of your life, with you they do not play.

12.- Gemini

The people who really manage to enter your depths know very well that you do not beat around the bush, if someone turns out to be disloyal, they have to leave your life. Yes, you are one of those who take things very seriously, because you feel hurt, betrayed and it doesn’t seem fair for someone to play with your emotions. You deserve to set limits, there are no more.

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