Saying “I love you” are big words, not everyone is willing to say those words in the first place, but it is true that there are people who do not mind saying them when they feel them. Love is something that we should all experience naturally, but there are people who are more open to it than others. If you want to know what is the top 5 signs that are not afraid to say I love you, just keep reading:

#1 Cancer

Cancer has a heart that does not fit in its chest, everyone knows that. He feels things very intensely, his feelings are always true and he is not ashamed to express them in words, especially with people who are important to him. He has no problem saying “I love you” to the people he loves because he feels that it is a way of showing his love and for him, it will never be enough. He doesn’t like to hide his feelings from him because he knows that life is two days and the more he expresses them the better. It doesn’t matter if the others don’t feel the same way about him because if he really feels it, he will say it anyway. Cancer, he is very special and not everyone knows how to value him.

#2 Leo

Leo is a person with a lot of adrenaline and very little patience. He is always on the go living on the edge. He loves to fall in love and live love with the greatest intensity possible because he knows that life is to be lived to the fullest. He is not afraid to say “I love you” because he knows that it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the universe and he does not want to repress it. Leo, he can perfectly understand that there are people who find it much more difficult to express his feelings, but he is not going to stop doing it for that reason. Leo is pure fire and he is not going to let anything or anyone turn off that passion with which he feels love. Whoever doesn’t like it should look the other way, it’s that simple.

#3 Pisces

Pisces is a super emotional and sentimental person, everyone knows that. When he falls in love he feels everything with great intensity, especially when someone very special comes into his life. He is not afraid to say “I love you” and much less to shout it from the rooftops because when he is happy loving someone he wants everyone to know. He is a person who takes love very seriously. When Pisces says those words he means that he is willing to stay by the side of that special person for life. He likes to be given his place and wait a bit to say the magic words, but not too long. He is a very passionate person and he can’t wait too long to express what he feels at all times. This can make him seem too intense, but whoever loves Pisces has to love him with his virtues and his defects.

#4 Taurus

Taurus is a very rational person, he likes to keep his feet on the ground so as not to be disappointed, but when he falls in love, he gives everything. He may take some time to manage everything he feels, but when he realizes that his feelings are true and deep, he is not afraid to say “I love you”. Taurus is a person who finds it hard to say what he feels, but when he truly loves, he has no problem saying it. He is a loyal person who can be trusted at all times. He hates having to expect others to act like him, so he doesn’t directly expect anything from anyone, he simply tries to be true to himself and is clear that if he feels something, he will express it to the best of his ability.

#5 Pound

Libra is a very romantic person, but very careful. She loves to experience love, but she likes to take time out of herself to be able to express what she feels. Of course, when she is clear about her feelings, she is not afraid to say “I love you”. She is an indecisive person, but not because she is afraid, but because she wants to make sure that she makes the right decisions. When Libra falls in love with her, she gives herself completely to the other person, but she never leaves those around her alone. She is a very selective person, so before saying the magic words, she will do a good analysis so as not to give her heart to the wrong person. Libra is pure love and feeling and the only thing she asks for is a little security so that they do not hurt her heart again.

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