Tokyo, Ueno Station on sale on February 21

Tokyo, Ueno Station on sale on February 21

Tokyo, Ueno stationthe award-winning novel Yu Miriwill go on sale in bookstores in our country on next february 21 at the hands of the publisher impairment. It is a beautiful and sad story, glorious and poetic, about divided families and recognized as one of the most brilliant Japanese novels of recent times. This will be published in rustic with dust jacket size 13×20 cm., with translation of Tana Oshima and a selling price of €20.50.

Title: Tokyo, Ueno Station
Original title:
Author/s: Yū Miri
Genres: drama, psychological, slice of life
Format: Paperback with dust jacket size 13×20 cm.
Status: Finished (1 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Impedimenta
Japanese Publisher:
See complete file on Tokyo, Ueno station Kazu was born in Fukushima in 1933, the same year as the Japanese emperor, and his life has always been linked to that of the imperial family. Now his spirit cannot rest and he is condemned to wander through the park that extends next to Ueno station in Tokyo, because that place marked his existence and was the scene of his death. The park was the first thing he saw when he arrived in Tokyo to work as a laborer in the preparations for the 1964 Olympic Games, and it was also there that he ended his days, as one of the many disinherited who inhabit it, traumatized by the tsunami of 2011 and enraged by the announcement of the 2020 Games. Over the years, Kazu has lost all physical sense of the world around him, but his perception is sharper than ever, and hand in hand we pass through the lights and the darkness of Tokyo life. Source: Impediments

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