TIK TOK BANNED? FCC commissioner wants TikTok removed from App Store

TIK TOK BANNED? FCC commissioner wants TikTok removed from App Store

TikTok, the enormously famous short-streaming application, is once more in the eyes of US officials due to its holding by Chinese digital behemoth ByteDance.

Brendan Carr, a conservative FCC chairman, took to Twitter to urge Google and Apple to ban TikTok from their own app stores, labeling it an “intolerable internal safety danger.”

“TikTok is more than simply a streaming service.” “This is the wolf in sheep’s dress,” Carr, who’d been nominated to the FCC by Donald Trump in 2017, said during a statement following the email on Tuesday. “It collects large volumes of personal information, which fresh allegations reveal are now being viewed in Beijing.” I’ve asked @Apple and @Google to ban TikTok from their app stores due to its habit of shady data practices.”

Carr’s remarks are more like threat-mongering, considering that now the FCC lacks the right to impose applications. His request for TikTok to be expressly forbidden follows a June 17 BuzzFeed Information revelation claiming TikTok personnel in China “again and again” viewed the information of United States-centered customers.

Carr said in the email that “TikTok’s record of behavior and misleading statements concerning the unconstrained accessibility that people in Beijing retain to critical U.S. user information” breaches Apple and Google regulations. TikTok is controlled by Beijing-based ByteDance, a company subject to the Communist Party of China and obligated by Chinese legislation to cooperate with the PRC’s monitoring requests. TikTok’s constant self is an intolerable threat to the country owing to its vast information gathering and Beijing’s seeming unrestricted accessibility to critical information.

TIK TOK BANNED? FCC commissioner wants TikTok removed from App Store
Carr’s request that TikTok be removed from the respective application retailers has yet to be replied to by Google and Apple.


A TikTok spokeswoman told CNN in a response, “We would happily meet alongside politicians to put things right on BuzzFeed’s inaccurate story.” TikTok, like several other worldwide corporations, has technology groups all across the globe. To safeguard customer information, we deploy entry restrictions such as protection and video surveillance, and the entry clearance procedure is reviewed by our U.S.-based safety staff. “TikTok has always stated that our technicians in regions other than the United States, particularly China, could be permitted as-needed accessibility to U.S. customer information given these rigorous limitations.”

When asked to clarify why the BuzzFeed Stories article was “ambiguous,” a TikTok representative didn’t even answer.

TIK TOK BANNED? FCC commissioner wants TikTok removed from App Store
Regarding the BuzzFeed study, Albert Calamug, TikTok’s chief of U.S. safety general populace strategy, stated in a website comment on the relatively similar day that TikTok had captured and securely encrypted U.S. user information with its own information centres in the United States as well as Singapore, as well as that it has now happened to alter the fallback memory address of U.S. customer data to be funneled to the Oracle Cloud facilities. “We will continue to use database farms in both the United States and Singapore for recovery,” he said. However, as our project progresses, we intend to erase U.S. customers’ personal storage off our local information centers and completely flip to Oracle internet services based in the United States.

Carr said in his email that TikTok’s claim that almost all U.S. customer data is directed to Oracle “means anything as to wherever this information might be viewed from.”
Carr’s reservations regarding TikTok are similar to ones expressed by the Trump government 2 years back. Facing the prospect of TikTok’s closure, Donald Trump authorised ByteDance to transfer TikTok to U.S. businesses in August 2020, claiming national security concerns. US courts concluded that Trump overreached his power when he ordered TikTok to halt, citing the administration’s theoretical fears regarding TikTok’s cybersecurity threats as unjustified.

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