Three Twitch channels with very interesting book recommendations for Book Day

Although Twitch started out as a streaming platform for gamers, we can find more and more channels dedicated to cultural content. Being a medium where streamers and viewers can interact live, it is a perfect place to form virtual communities of readers and the first rooms dedicated to it have begun to emerge. They not only offer book recommendations but also book presentations, interviews and live joint readings of books chapter by chapter. The latter being what has become most popular on literary Twitch. These are some channels that we can find in Spanish.

Nine award-winning novels to get right when choosing what to read now that Book Day is approaching


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@cafedetinta Carla, with her unmistakable blue hair, manages Café Librería. On his channel you read everything, although, mainly, genres such as fantasy, horror, and science fiction. However, new developments in contemporary literature, comics and manga are not left out of his analysis. In addition, he also does live interviews. The next meeting will take place on Sunday, April 24 at 11:00 in the smoking room to talk about Dientes Rojos de Jesús Cañadas.

red teeth

In Red Teeth, Rebecca Lilienthal (a Berlin teenager) has disappeared from the boarding school where she resides. The only thing she has left behind is a pool of blood on which a knocked-out tooth floats. Lukas Kocaj, an agent just out of the academy, will be in charge of finding her. Accompanied by Inspector Otto Ritter, a brutal, racist and outdated policeman, Kocaj will discover more and more fragments of the hidden life of Rebeccaof the sinister forces with which he danced and the dangerous and dangerous game in which he has ventured.


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@entretulipanes Lidia is a writer, actress and lover of Jane Austen. In fact, she’s doing a chapter read of Pride and Prejudice. And it is that, one of the main topics of her twitch channel is books and writing. She comes from showing all the editorial news that comes to her hands on Instagram but, as she has explained, she felt that Meta’s social network fell short. This is how she started with the @entre_tulipanes channel, where has book days booked on thursdays.

Pride and Prejudice (Commemorative Edition) (Penguin Classics)

Pride and Prejudice (Commemorative Edition) (Penguin Classics)


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@carolmola Carol is a marketing student who describes herself as “a variety streamer focused on creation of cultural entertainment content“. Because, in addition to the usual content on Twitch about video games, from Monday to Thursday at 11:00 (sometimes 18:00) he talks about books, fantasy and science fiction, comics, series and movies. Few books, he has confessed in @carolmola, who have left her “as touched” as Solaris.


A science fiction classic in which Kris Kelvin has just arrived on Solaris. His mission is clarify the behavioral problems of the three crew members of the only observation station located on the planet. Solaris is a peculiar place: there is no solid ground, only an extensive ocean endowed with life and presumably intelligence. Meanwhile, he comes across the appearance of people who shouldn’t be there. Such is the case of his wife, who had committed suicide years before, and who does not seem to remember anything of what happened. A claustrophobic novel, in which he makes a deep study of human psychology and affective relationships through a planet that confronts the inhabitants of the station with their most intimate fears. Cover photo | @entre_tulipanes

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