Three Talented Directors of Historical Dramas

These 3 hit historical dramas are all directed by women.

1. Director Kim Hee Won – “The Crowned Crown”

Kim Hee Won is the talented director behind the success of The Crowned Clown . With his experience directing period dramas, Kim Hee Won she is highly regarded for being meticulous in terms of setting, costumes, and historical research. She is also considered one of the most trusted K-drama directors today by contributing to the success of hit series like Money Flower, Vincenzo,

2. Director Jung Ji In – “The Red Sleeve”

Jung Ji In is the woman behind the success of the most successful historical drama of 2021, The Red Sleeve . Not only appreciated for its story, the drama also received good reviews for its aesthetics and brilliant direction. Jung Ji Inthe cast and crew of The Red Sleeve they managed to revive MBC in the K-drama qualifying race.

3. Director Yoo Young Eun – “Bloody Heart”

Yoo Young Eun is the director of the recently released historical drama Bloody Heart from KBS. In his first challenge with a historical drama, Yoo Young Eun she is proving to be a talented young director by delivering mesmerizing visuals. And for her information, Yoo Young Eun was an assistant director for the K-drama phenomenon Descendants of the Sun.

Come on girls, for more jobs with female directors in front!! Credits Kbizoom

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