Three ‘patchwork’ style jeans with which to copy Sara Carbonero’s coolest look of the moment

Those of you who have spent adolescence in the 90s (like the one who subscribes) will not find it strange to see some jeans patchwork style. In fact, if we were to ask, surely the vast majority of us had one or, in their case, wanted it with all their might. Of course, at that time, it was almost normal for us to spend a week making our mother or grandmother dizzy so that they would sew some fabrics into pants.

Sarah Carbonero

Well, the trend has returned and it has done so with force, so much so that celebrities of the stature of Sara Carbonero have already joined it and thus show it to us in their latest Instagram publication with which it has generated a great desire to make us with jeans of the style that have an incredible rollazo. These in particular, it is said, it is commented, it is rumored by gurus like Carmenon who is from the Mother firm. A Friday look by Tamara Falc√≥ Thus, we have put the machinery into operation to find alternatives that are at least as cool as the presenter’s and here are three options that have conquered us.

Desigual Patchwork Pants

Japanese straight cropped jean Unequal with a price of 89.95 euros.

Japanese straight cropped jeans Desigual

Japanese straight cropped jeans Desigual

Maje Patchwork Pants

Boyfriend jean with patches in bandana print Majesty with a price of 235 euros.

Bershka Patchwork Pants

Patchwork boot cut twill trousers Bershka with a price of 35.99 euros.

Bershka patchwork boot cut twill trousers

Bershka patchwork boot cut twill pants Note: Some of the links posted here are affiliate links. Despite this, none of the items mentioned have been proposed by either the brands or the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the editorial team. Photos | @saracarbonero

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