This is Javier Terrón, the influencer with whom Rocío Flores is related after her breakup

Although at the moment the protagonists remain silent, it is an open secret that Rocío Flores and Manuel Bedmar have embarked on separate paths after six years of relationship. Gloria Camila was betrayed by her subconscious when talking about the couple in the past and this Saturday it was Ana María Aldón who gave birth and spoke of an alleged “quarrel” between young people. While Rocío Flores shows her face to confirm or deny the information, a man has appeared on the scene. According to ‘Socialité’, the daughter of Rocío Carrasco would have found the illusion again in a young influencer named Javier Terrón. The collaborator of ‘El Programa de AR’ and Javier met a little over a year ago and share the same Marketing agency. Since then they have not stopped sharing time together, last summer they met in Ibiza and just two months ago he traveled with Rocío and Gloria Camila to Paris two months ago.Rocío Flores and Javier Terrón on one of their getaways together Instagram @rotrece With more than 26,000 followers on Instagram, Javier Terrón is passionate about travel and does not hesitate to show off his obvious appeal on social networks. In his publications, it is observed how he takes care of his image down to the smallest detail. The young man does not hesitate to react to many of Rocío’s publications with the most affectionate messages, in the same way as her. Proof that the friendship between them is very special.
Javier TerronJavier Terrón in one of his Instagram images Instagram @javici

Rocío Flores, the great absentee at Gloria Camila’s birthday party

This Saturday, Gloria Camila celebrated her 26th birthday with a great themed party, a meeting in which she gathered her family and closest friends and in which Rocío Flores became the absentee of the evening. It was Ana María Aldón who justified Rocío Carrasco’s daughter by putting on the table the media stir that has been created in the midst of her possible breakup with Manuel Bedmar. Be that as it may, what is a reality is that each one maintains their usual routine and while the man from Malaga is still in the couple’s apartment, it was Rocío who moved to Olga Moreno’s house.

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