These are the trends in hair dyes and highlights that are already succeeding this 2022 according to experts

We are already a couple of months into 2022 and we already have several trends when it comes to hair. For this reason, we wanted to ask some experts who have told us about those cuts, dyes and highlights that are already succeeding and that will be the most demanded in hairdressing salons. So, first of all Jose Juan Guzman from Bot Hair has told us that as far as cuts are concerned, medium hair will continue to be very trendy, presenting itself with many variations in length, shape and volume. However, the thing does not end there because the “wolf cut that is between the Mullet and the shaggy or the nape bob, in which the length does not exceed the height of the neck, are clear trends, as well as the bob with bangs, the midi cut or also the shaggy cuts or the hair with bangs”.

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Yes indeed, as far as color is concerned, José Juan tells us that one of the clearest trends is “the sienna copper which is for darker hair we will have coppery browns to brighter coppery blondes. Also returns the chocolate hair color and hazelnut. And in the blondes we find blondes bright in shades vanilla and beige.”

hair trends 2022

On the other hand, Fran Siles from Hair Time has told us that in the current situation in which we find ourselves, there is a tendency to search for “appreciate authentic freedom and reality”. That is why she tells us that right now what they take most are the “more blocky tones with hidden highlights and soft dimension without much contrast. In general, we talk about ultra-natural and powdery tones, the appearance of healthy, peroxided hair, simple, relaxed and casual styles and tones but made with extra precision and a high level of professionalism for a high-quality effect”. In fact, in that same line Rachel Saiz Salon Blue by Raquel Saiz is based on the fact that naturalness has evolved and now we care carefully about achieving that effect. “Personalization is a mantra in hairdressing and these highlights confirm it. With the flash lights we enrich the base of the chestnuts, giving it a new light, but without clarifying too much. Subtlety is the key.”

What are Nordic highlights and what type of hair do they favor?

highlights 2022

In the same way, charo garcia of Ilitia Beauty & Science comments that the new way of understanding color is thanks to soft, but effective techniques: “It is about applying delicately lighter reflections in those areas near the face that we want to highlight, such as the cheekbones, the eyes, the line of the jaw, the forehead or the nose. We will do it using the raised hand technique and, although we can affect some area that interests us, it is carried throughout the hair”.

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Yes indeed, if yours is the blonde, Fran Siles from Hair Time tells us that the trend is “to greatly enhance the areas that most illuminate the face, with buttery blonde tones or cool tones, leaving behind the pinky peaches. Working on the roots while degrading very natural. The main thing will always be work the color in a way that promotes healthy hair.”

What are brown melting highlights and what type of hair do they favor?

hair dye trends 2022

Among those block colors, the actual hair dyes, we could talk about the expensive brunette who, according to what she tells us Raphael Good by Rafael Bueno Peluqueros, “it is more than an enriched brown, with dimension and a lot of shine to make it look healthy. It is not a single color, but rather the combination of several personalized shades. A formula that works is to create some babylights close of the face and in the parting line to then apply a lighter brown, in this way we will achieve the effect of the sun on the strands”.

hair dye trends 2022

But it doesn’t end there because we also have the chocolate browns that, as he comments Manuel Mon by Manuel Mon Estilistas, “healthy finishes are sought and, in addition, brown and dark tones bring power and strength. If there is too much contrast between light skin and the color of the hair, the face hardens, so in these cases it is better to add lighter subtle reflections such as copper or caramel that soften”. Come on, this 2022 they take the manes full of light, healthy, very natural and, above all, with a lot of personality.Photos | @wellaproes and 2schwarzkopfpro.spain

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