There is a device so that they do not open the door without your permission and the comments from Amazon are simply fascinating

We already know that everything TikTok touches turns to gold. And not only in terms of music, makeup or food… The social network is capable of viralizing something as random as a portable lock. Although a priori it may sound like a joke, the truth is that it is actually one of those tricks that can solve our lives on more than one occasion.

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It seems like magic but it is a reality: a universal latch that in a matter of seconds and without the need for tools or screws it is installed wherever you need it: a public bathroom, your room in a shared apartment or back to your parents’ house for the holidays, in a hotel… Or, what we are wanting to try: put it in the bathrooms of the disco when he doesn’t give us his hand to hold the bag and the door at the same time. In addition, this way we can avoid touching anything and not touching anything. You just have to remember to always carry it with you in your bag or backpack. Its mechanism is very simple. Just have to fit the metal part of the bolt into the striker of the door (i.e. where the door strike is inserted). Then, once the door is closed, we fit the stop of the red part of the latch into the hole in the metal plate that has been protruding and that’s it.

The door cannot be opened from inside or outside until we manually deactivate the mechanism ourselves. In addition, it is found for less than 10 euros on Amazon. In fact, these are some of the uses that we can give it and warnings about it taken from the comments that some of the users who have already tried it have left with great humor: “Ideal for stopping mothers who teach you that you have to call and ask if you can enter before opening but what They walk into your room like they’re special forces. Now I can touch myself with peace of mind”. “You can push with the relative as if there were no tomorrow, children will not be able to enter even if they try to knock it downthe bad thing is that it does not cancel the sound of the moans and the children can hear it, to get out of trouble you can put the TV on high or music on full blast, that’s why I give it 4 stars, for me it lacks a pack with lubricant and candies Hall”. “Working works, the thing is that if your doors don’t have much clearance it works even without putting the red hitch. I was locked up, that’s why I recommend trying it in rooms that have more than one door”. “The peace of mind that a latch gives where there isn’t one isn’t paid for with anything. Little more to say. Not just in case you shit and that bar doesn’t have a latch., but for when you’re alone with your relative and your children are terrorists and won’t let you. THE GREATEST INVENTION OF THE CENTURY.” In most hotels, the staff can enter even if you lock the door, with this somewhat primitive system it is avoided. Useful and essential for fearful.

Portable Door Lock with Anti-theft Deadbolt, Universal Door Lock, Portable Latch without Holes with Security Lock, Door Lock Padlock (1 Unit)

Portable Door Lock with Anti-theft Deadbolt, Universal Door Lock, Portable Latch without Holes with Security Latch, Door Lock Padlock (1 Unit) Photos | HBO

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