There are no heroes, no one is invincible, and predators become prey. Trailer for ‘That Dirty Black Bag’

With you the official trailer of ‘That Dirty Black Bag’, a raw, epic and romantic series about the dark side of the Wild West whose first episode (of a total of eight) will premiere in the United States tomorrow, March 10, through AMC +, with a new episode available every week. The story revolves around the eight-day (one per episode) showdown between Arthur McCoy (Dominic Cooper), an incorruptible sheriff with a troubled past, and Red Bill (Douglas Booth), an infamous loner bounty hunter known for decapitate their victims and put their heads in a dirty black bag. Because, as he says, “heads weigh less than bodies.” The series, produced independently by BRON Studios and Palomar, is an homage to the classic spaghetti western that, according to those responsible, captures the legendary irony of the genre while reinterpreting it for new audiences. A series that talks about bounty hunters, bandits and bloody revenge and lonely souls moved by great passions such as faith, love and revenge. in the world of ‘That Dirty Black Bag’ there are no heroes, no one is invincible, and predators become prey. Niv Sultan, Guido Caprino, Christian Cooke, Travis Fimmel, Aidan Gillen, Paterson Joseph, Rose Williams, Anna Chancellor and Zoe Boyle complete the main cast of this series created by the Italian Mauro Aragoni, who also serves as director alongside Brian O’ Malley and as a screenwriter with Silvia Ebreul, Marcello Izzo and Fabio Paladini. For his part, the director of photography is PJ Dillon (‘Vikings’, ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’). Shot in English on location in Italy, Spain and Morocco, the series will initially have a total of three seasons that, at least for now, we don’t know who will premiere in our country, much less when.

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