The viral photo of Sonsoles Ónega with two years old that demonstrates his fidelity to the ‘pixie’ cut

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If there is a distinctive aspect in Sonsoles Ónega’s look, it is her hairstyle. We knew that he was faithful to the ‘pixie’, but with the photo that he has shown in ‘It’s already noon’ we have been able to know that he has been wearing it for more than 40 years!

If there is a distinctive aspect in Sonsoles Ónega’s look, it is her hairstyle. The presenter of ‘It’s already noon’ and ‘It’s already eight o’clock’ has a very recognizable appearance thanks to the ‘pixie’ cut, of which she is a faithful defender. She recently abandoned her favorite version for a few weeks –with disheveled side bangs that characterizes her so much– and went on to a more sophisticated one, with straightened hair, and also more comfortable to go from short to long hair. However, her ‘pixie’ has come back to life, marching to the beat of her own drum, as they say, and looking precisely like The two-year-old Sonsoles wore it. Now that is fidelity!It is indisputable. The winning horse of the haircuts. The ‘pixie’ or ‘garçon’ is a type of versatile, comfortable look that does give a radical twist to a person’s appearance. If you have ever opted for it, it is not uncommon for you to fall into temptation from time to time, although the manes, from the ‘maxi’ to the ‘bob’, are apparently preferred. Few cuts combine modernity, dynamism, sophistication and spontaneity like the ‘pixie’, precisely attributes that ‘marry’ perfectly with the spirit of Sonsoles Ónega.The photo of Sonsoles Ónega at the age of two that Telecinco has gone viral We knew that he was faithful to short hair, but with the photo that the program ‘Ya es midday’ has shown we have been able to find out since when. More than forty years!, and the ‘pixie’ has been a vital and image constant for Sonsoles Ónega. The presenter could not contain her laughter at the commotion caused by the snapshot in which she appears in the arms of her father, Fernando Ónega, only two years old and wearing the same hairstyle as in 2022. “How can it be that Sonsoles Ónega has the same hair as when he was two years old? How can it be that he has worn the same style for so many years?” Miguel Ángel Nicolás wondered in surprise. “I don’t cover my gray hair,” she revealed proudly.That the Ónega “have always had very good hair, fundamentally”, as the presenter herself was quick to underline, is obvious. She has also clarified, delighted, this family ‘secret’: “This is family. Grandma Sole had very good hair, and my grandmother Angelita the blonde…”.

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