The unusual conditions of the offer that Rocío Flores has received on television

Telecinco Rocio Flores Carrasco

After her mother Rocío Carrasco has asked to be left out, Rocío Flores would be studying the offer with which a program also from Telecinco has tempted her and of which we know the unusual conditions

Rocío Flores would be preparing her jump to a new television program. No less than we could see her sitting at the ‘It’s already eight o’clock’ table shortly. Being on Telecinco, the same channel for which he collaborates from the set of ‘El programa de AR’, there does not seem to be any incompatibility in combining these works. It is not the only remarkable detail that we know of this television offer with which the daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores has been tempted, and it is that in addition It has unusual conditions, according to the rhythm that it has been setting in its television appearances.Rocío Flores would be about to sign a collaborator contract with ‘It’s already eight’, according to La Razón. A professional challenge with many interesting details, since it would be the first time in years that We would see her sharing the set with her aunt Gloria Camila. The daughter of José Ortega Cano signed for the program presented by Sonsoles Ónega when Telecinco announced the specials about Rocío Jurado that had already been broadcast and that her sister Rocío Carrasco had prepared. Both ‘It’s already eight o’clock’ and ‘The AR program’ are television products created by the same production company, so that, on that side, there would be no incompatibility for Rocío Flores to accept an offer, which the team of the Sonsoles program had already slipped live. The conditions that, apparently, accompany this proposal are surprising. with which the daughter of Antonio David Flores has been tempted. And it is that, as published by the same medium, the collaboration is limited to two television interventions per month, and always taking into account the present. Namely, They would only count on her presence if they are issues on which Rocío is the protagonist or her opinion is justified and relevant.It should be noted that the set of ‘It’s already eight o’clock’ is practically contiguous to that of ‘Sálvame’, which, very often, passes the witness live creating situations that lead to anecdotes that end up becoming news, such as the reunion of Jorge Javier Vázquez and Gloria Camila or Rosa Benito. If Rocío Flores ends up agreeing to collaborate with ‘It’s already eight’, will we end up seeing a face-to-face meeting with the star presenter of Telecinco?

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