The United States believes that Ukraine can win the war "if you receive the necessary support"

The head of US diplomacy, Antony Blinken, stated after meeting in kyiv with the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, that Russia “is failing” in the invasion of Ukraine, released on February 24. A meeting in which the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, has also participated, who has assured that Ukraine can win the war if it receives adequate support. “The first step to winning is to believe that you can win and we believe that Ukraine can win if it receives the support it needsAustin told a news conference near the Polish-Ukrainian border after the meeting. “Ukraine’s position is that they want to win, our position is that we want to help them,” he added. (from Ukraine). That has failed”, said Blinken. Thus, he has stressed that Moscow sought to “exercise the power of its Army and its economy, but of course we are seeing the opposite”. “We don’t know how the rest of the war will play out, but we do know that a sovereign and independent Ukraine will be around much longer than Putin will be on the scene,” she argued. “Our support for Ukraine from now on will continue. It will continue until we see definite success.”, Blinken has maintained, according to the American television network CNN. Likewise, he stressed that the meeting with Zelensky, which lasted about three hours, was “very productive.”

“Normal life” in the capital

“We are very happy to have had this opportunity,” he said, while revealing that Washington conveyed its “deep condolences” to the Ukrainian president for “the loss of so many civilians and, of course, the loss of brave troops who have made a magnificent job in repelling the Russian forces. Blinken has revealed that they moved to kyiv on a train from Poland. “We did not see much, except what was seen through the window. In kyiv, we went straight to the presidential palace,” he said, before adding that they could see “proof that the battle of kyiv was won” in the streets. In this way, she has emphasized that, at first sight, signs of “normal life” could be seen in the capitalin “drastic contrast” with what is happening in the south and east of the country, “where Russian brutality is causing horrible things to the population every day.”

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