The United Kingdom suspends export services to Russia and sanctions another 63 people and companies

UK has announced the suspension of all export services to Russia as a new sanction for the war in Ukraine and has reported that another 63 individuals and companies have been sanctioned. The British Foreign Office has indicated that most of those affected by the sanctions are Russian media and journalists. “Following the publication this week of a UK-funded investigation exposing the Kremlin’s shadowy tactics, the Foreign Minister (Liz Truss) has also announced 63 new sanctions“, the Government has indicated in a statement. It has also urged social network companies and mobile phone application stores to block the content of “two of the main sources of Russian disinformation“, the RT network and the Sputnik news agency. In addition, it has indicated that the restrictive measures will also be applied against the VGTRK radio and television company and other Russian media and journalists due to their coverage of the invasion Ukrainian Russian. Downing Street has underlined that Russia depends on the services of Western companies when importing products, so the measure on exports will reduce Russian imports by 10 percent. “do nbusiness with the regime of (Vladimir) Putin and morally bankruptcy and helps finance the machinery of war that is causing so much suffering throughout Ukraine,” Truss told The Guardian newspaper. In this regard, he stressed that cutting Russia’s access to British services will put “increased pressure on the Kremlin and help ensure that Putin fails in Ukraine”“.

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