‘The Unit’ (S2) – Ways (to Stand Out)

At the time, in May 2020, he said that the first season of ‘The Unit’ could be a good start. A first season that in a world oversaturated with television fiction and plenty of time to see many of them does not make a big difference. Just as Dani de la Torre’s previous work -‘La sombra de la ley’- did not suppose it with respect to his notable opera prima -‘El unknown’-, but it did not stop being an equally appreciable work. “It didn’t make a big difference,” he said, because his first season, despite dressing for Sunday at all times to the pride and glory of those responsible for him, was just another one. Another more than one squad made up of as many good series in the shadow of others, simply, more and better. A platoon that now escapes with its second season, in appearance, but also in essence and above all in practice, better than the first. More, and better. Just as it sounds, the second season of ‘The Unit’ improves everything on the first one, which also now puts real value on it. From its first episode, and until the last through the four in the middle. Now even its relatively international appearance takes on a much more genuine and Spanish look. Even closer and more human, since now it seems even more made for those of us here than for those from outside. It’s a good sample of what’s out there, second time: The same stupendous audiovisual finish and the same energetic presence, now spiced up by a much more unpredictable plot that plays more (or better) on confusion. Now the target is them, and now the suspense is more real and tangible. The characters, as well as their narrative, are also more human and polyhedral within what, however, remains the same as always. That is, policemen on the hunt for bad guys. This does not change, of course, although now the van is not used to run over innocent people along Preciados Street. It rains on wet, and now the same impeccable series of its first season is getting older, justifying its existence with the best of reasons: The quality of a job well done that, taking into account the above, enhances its virtues while minimizing its shortcomings. . Thus, in this second season ‘The Unit’ becomes a more than remarkable series that offers everything that can be expected from a continuation: More and above all, better. From the series that we had already seen (although perhaps not in Spanish) we move on to the series that we are proud of, as well as the one that surprises us. In this way, ‘La Unidad’, in its second season, achieves what the first did not: Comply with the grade, and also give the grade.By Juan Pairet Iglesias


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