The uncomfortable consequences suffered by Alba Díaz after her return to Madrid

Illnesses of celebrities Alba Díaz

Alba Díaz returned from her cooperation trip in Africa two days ago. Since she arrived in Madrid she has not left home and now she has said that she suffers from a health setback that may prevent her from fulfilling her schedule

Alba Díaz has lived an unforgettable experience during the last month. The daughter of Vicky Martín Berrocal has spent the last few weeks on a cooperation trip in Africa. From there he has given a good account of this experience that, in some way, has changed his life. Even when he returned from there, he couldn’t help but shed some tears at the intense way in which he experienced everything. But he had to return and at the beginning of the week he landed in Madrid to continue with his life here. Although it is not being easy at all. He now he has recounted the setback that he has suffered and that could prevent you from going to an engagement.Alba Díaz has told in her stories how she is after her first days in Madrid. Vicky Martín Berrocal’s daughter, who has been reunited with her mother after the designer’s breakup with Joao Viegas, has told her followers that “I have some horse plates and a lot of pain in the pit of my stomach, with dizziness”. The influencer has assured that she has had a bad night and that she has gone to do some blood tests to determine what is happening to her. Whatever he suffers from, what is clear is that will mark your next days.Alba Díaz tells how she is. Instagram @albadiazmartin Vicky Martín Berrocal’s daughter has said that “this afternoon I have to work and go to an event and I don’t know to what extent I’m prepared”. As she has told, the event she has planned for today would be her first time leaving home since she arrived from Africa. In the last 48 hours, she has preferred to be at her home, getting used to the change and reflecting on everything he has experienced in what will be one of the most special adventures of his life. We will have to wait until this afternoon to see if he makes an appearance or not.

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