The truth about how Rocío Flores evolves after her liposculpture

Aesthetic operations Rocío Flores Carrasco

Marisa Martín Blázquez knows first-hand how Rocío Flores is really doing, who just a week ago underwent liposculpture, one more operation on her increasingly long list of aesthetic touch-ups

Last Tuesday we saw her, unable to walk and barely able to move, leaving the aesthetic clinic where Rocío Flores underwent yet another aesthetic operation. The young woman, who a few months ago had a breast retouch, she wanted to have a liposculpture that, as other people who have done something similar have said, is no small feat. In fact, Anabel Pantoja, as she told Lectures about her, almost bled to death in the operating room itself. What’s more, the postoperative period is very painfulsomething that Carrasco’s daughter is also dealing with at the moment.“He is fatal, with a lot of pain”revealed Marisa Martín Blázquez in ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, where Rocío Flores is a weekly collaborator but who, as a result of this operation, this week (just like the previous one) will not be able to take her seat in the pink section of the space. “She is very upset”, confirmed the journalist, who maintains close contact with her. Let us remember that last Monday both Rocío Flores and Olga Moreno underwent aesthetic operations. That of Antonio David’s ex was in the morning and it was somewhat faster than that of the young woman, who needed more hours in the operating room. Perhaps this is influencing the postoperative period so different that both are having. While one could barely walk a day after the intervention, the winner of ‘Survivors 2021’ was more agile and has already been seen walking down the street.

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