The trench is a basic piece of wardrobe, but these models want to break with everything this season

Whether calling it a trench coat or trench coat, this piece has become a basic wardrobe staple that will never (ever) go out of style. Ready for get us out of trouble and adapting to all possible styles, over the years street style has shown us the importance of having this piece at hand. But far from being boring, there are designs that break with everything thanks to original touches and details.

Designs that promise not to leave anyone indifferent

Whether in a reversible format, with the possibility of removing the sleeves to turn the garment into a vest or two-tone, low-cost fashion firms show that originality can accompany this type of garment.

Trench Asos 01

Beige & Brown Trench Coat from Pimkie.

Beige & Brown Trench Coat from Pimkie.

Sfera Reversible Trench Coat

Reversible trench coat with flower lining from Sfera, 89.99 euros.

Reversible with flower lining.

Reversible with flower lining. With affordable prices -with the exception of the Mango design-, these options become the best investment to achieve a groundbreaking and perennial garment. There is no style that can resist it.

Bershka Fur Effect Trench Coat 01

Bershka leather-effect combined cotton trench coat, 59.99 euros.

Cotton gabardine combined with leather effect fabric.

Cotton gabardine combined with leather effect fabric.

Trench Asos 02

ASYOU stone-colored trench coat with checkered lining, 62.99 euros.

Stone trench coat with plaid lining from ASYOU.

Stone trench coat with plaid lining from ASYOU.

Detachable Trench Coat 2022

In addition, each of these options becomes the favorite to welcome the dreaded halftime season. Note: Some of the links posted here are affiliate links. Despite this, none of the items mentioned have been proposed by either the brands or the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the editorial team. Photos | Mango, Sfera, Bershka, Asos

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