The tears of Sol Malacuso, a reporter in Ukraine, narrating that she will take care of the daughter of her camera

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At the gates of the border, Sol Malacuso has revealed that he will take care of the daughter of one of his companions while he returns to war

Since the war broke out in Ukraine, Sol Macaluso He has been a first-person witness to chaos and barbarism. This young Argentine traveled to Kiev and from there she recounts the last hour of the Russian invasion every day. This Monday, the journalist He could not help but break when narrating the painful situation that he has had to live in the last few hours.Sol Macaluso connected live with ‘El Programa de AR’. On her way to flee to the border, the reporter spoke of the dramatic situation that the entire Ukrainian people are experiencing, pointing out in a special way to part of her team: “We are approaching the border. That indicates that the family of my camera and my guide cross and they stay here,” he revealed. A reality of millions of people since the war began five days ago.Sol Malacuso during his connection with ‘The AR Program’ Mediaset This dramatic situation has created a very strong bond between them. Sol could not help but break into tears inconsolably when he said that his camera had asked him to take his daughter: “Our cameraman has very emotionally asked us to take his daughter, please.” With a broken voice, the Argentine exclaimed: “What are you going to tell her?” The Argentine reporter has promised to get the little girl out of Ukraine while her parents stay to defend the country: stay, leave your family and they come and tell you ‘please, take my daughter and take care of her, that she lacks nothing (…) No one is ready for that.”Sol MalacusoMediaset Finally, Sol has confirmed that he will take the girl as his partner has requested: “She is my family now, she is my sister (…) My family is getting bigger and bigger with each one of them. They are incredible people so whatever it takes, “she confessed as she dried her tears.

Who is Sol Macaluso?

This young reporter of Argentine origin graduated in Journalism just two years ago. A month later she moved to Madrid to start her professional career as an editor for Efe Noticias, a position that she combined with connections to television programs in her native country. Converted into a true influencer, her Instagram profile has more than 120,000 followers to whom she narrates the situation in Ukraine in real time. “Everything is worth doing what you love. We continue …”, she wrote in one of her last publications.

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