The surprising prediction of María Patiño about Anabel Pantoja and Kiko Hernández

Save me Anabel Pantoja

María Patiño has verbalized a recurring (and surprising) thought about Anabel Pantoja and Kiko Hernández that she has tried to support with what she considers to be very clear signals

Anabel Pantoja has managed to get Jorge Javier Vázquez to have an unusual gesture with her. Touched by her tears and the feeling of disappointment she has with certain people around her now that she is going through one of her lowest moments, the presenter wrapped her in a warm hug live. Taking into account that Jorge Javier Vázquez has stated on numerous occasions that he is not usually a contact person. With his father in the hospital and going through a painful separation, Anabel Pantoja has shown her most vulnerable side and her companions from “Sálvame” are very concerned about her well-being. Among them, María Patiño who has verbalized a recurring thought about the niece of Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Hernándezto say the least surprising, but which he has tried to support with what he considers to be very clear signs. With that electricity of someone who discovers a fascinating reality, María Patiño has stated that she sees Anabel Pantoja and Kiko Hernández ending up together. For the co-host of ‘Sálvame Lemon Tea’, among friends and program partners “there is a brutal mutual attraction”, but that, due to the way of being of each one, it would not be resolved. Although the tonadillera’s niece has not been on set, Patiño has been able to share her prediction with the collaborator and reaffirm this idea.“I have always thought that Anabel really likes Kiko Hernández as a man., I have always felt that there is a brutal mutual attraction, you know that I understand a lot about this, ”he explained to Terelu Campos. María clearly notes that “there is sexual tension” between them, and the fact that now Anabel has ended her fleeting marriage to Omar Sánchez, would greatly pave the way for something more than just friendship to happen between her and Kiko.” Kiko She is not an excessively affectionate person”, she pointed out, “I think that, by keeping an eye on her, Kiko’s absence for Anabel has been more than important”, said the presenter, trying to connect her theory with Anabel’s disappointment with people of her around.María Patiño is convinced that “they are going to have a relationship very soon”precisely because he assures that, for Anabel, “Kiko is much more important than a simple companion.” And so he has transmitted it to Hernández: “You put a lot into it and the same thing happens to you, but you are not able to talk about what attracts you or not”. The collaborator has clarified that he does talk about his feelings and who he is attracted to, “but I don’t do it in public.” And, likewise, he has clarified that he would not be among the people who have disappointed Anabel by giving this suggestive information: “Yesterday I was messaging her until 2 in the morning.”

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