The Second Husband Episode 67 Release date, Spoilers, Where to watch

The Second Husband Episode 67  Analysis| This romance drama series was released in August 2021. Starring in the lead roles is our favorites Cha Seo won and Uhm Hyun kyung. The series revolves around the life of a woman who went against all odds to rise from a tragic childhood. As she progresses in life with a positive attitude, she falls in love with a person from the same neighborhood. everything seems well, as both the lovers enjoy the summer of romance. This is a short-lived affair as soon the girl’s family is killed in an unfortunate incident. Seh also becomes a mother to the child of the man she loved.

Unfortunately, she loses her child and is falsely accused of murder by the man whom she dearly loved. The happy-go-lucky and determined girl realizes her world is falling apart. The girl pledges vengeance and goes out into the world to avenge the death of her family. A total of 127 episodes will be aired of this show. Along with this, the series is directed by Kim Chil-bong. The show has been created for television by Jang Ji-hoon and MBC Drama Division.

The Second Husband Episode 67 release date

The 67 th episode will be released on television on 19 November 2021. The show airs on television from mon-fri at 7:15KSt. The series has been receiving good viewership and it will continue till February next year.

The Second Husband Episode 67 Spoilers

In the previous episode, we were aware of the real identity of Choi Eun Gyul. We found out that she was actually a con artist. This information was passed on when Hwa eavesdropped on the conversation that the former was having with her mother. We can see further that Jae min will be soon aware of who the real Bit Na is. In the next episode, we can be aware about the whole affair as this mystery might be disclosed.

The Second Husband The Second Husband episode 67  where to watch

The original episodes of the show are being aired on MBC. If you are a Korean viewer all you need to do is switch the Tv to the particular channel every weekday at 7:15 sharp. As for the other viewers, there are several online websites available for viewing the drama. These sites include Viu and Rakuten VIKI. All you need to do is log in to the website with the required credentials. After this procedure is done, you can pay a monthly subscription to watch the episodes without ads interruption. There is also an option for you to download the episodes on your device and view them later.

Episode 66 Release

Here is the preview of the series that you have been eagerly waiting for. This shows the sneak peek at the tension that might arrive after Jae min discovers the real truth about Bit Na’s identity.

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