The Russian version of the attack on the Mariupol maternity: "It was a base of Ukrainian extremists"

The images of bloody pregnant women, others already with their newborn babies in their arms, all escaping from the Mariupol maternity hospital after a Russian bombing have shocked the entire world. doHow Russia justifies the brutal attack in this Ukrainian city? Moscow stands out by assuring that the hospital no longer functioned as such, but as a “base of Ukrainian extremists”. “Russian forces do not fire on civilian targets,” the Kremlin spokesman said, Dmitry Peskov and noted that would investigate the incident. “We will definitely ask our army, because neither you nor I have clear information about what happened there“He assured Reuters. But the good intentions remained there.

“Russophobia in the West”

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, explained this Thursday in Turkey, after the meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, that maternity served as a “base for extremists”. He has also accused the Western media of showing only “the Ukrainian point of view”. “There are a Western-wide Russophobia directed from the United States“, he added. “So It’s how fake news is born (fake news),” he wrote on Twitter. Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations. Before the UN Security Council, Russia accused members of the Azov Battalion, the Ukrainian far-right military unit, of taking civilians hostage and using them as “human shields,” according to Reuters. “The danger to civilians in Ukraine is not the Russian army, which does not bomb civilians, but the Ukrainian radicals and neo-Nazis who they are not allowed to leave the city despite the humanitarian corridors“, assured the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia. According to Russia, at least 200,000 civilians were trapped in Mariupol alone and held “at gunpoint by the Azov battalion,” Nebenzia added.

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