The Red Sleeve Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Watch Online [Eng Sub]


The Red Sleeve is a South Korean television drama series based on the historical-romance drama and same novel of the same name. Keep reading this article to know more about The Red Sleeve Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, And Recap.

The Red Sleeve series is set up in the 18th century. It revolves around the love story between King Jeongjo and a court lady Sung Deok Im. King Jeong only gives priority to the nation and other hands, court lady who wants to protect herself. She gets attracted to Crown Prince Yi San and in a meantime, he falls in love with her. Now, the crown prince has become King Jeongjo. He wants Sung Deok Im to be his mistress but is declining the proposal. She wants to live her life independently. But at the end of the story, she has become the mistress of King Jeongjo.

The Red Sleeve Episode 9 Recap

Before moving ahead to The Red Sleeve Episode 9, let’s recap the previous episode of the drama.

In the previous episode, there was an ongoing inspection at the court ladies in the headquarters. All the Queen’s maids start to take out all the belongings inside the ladies’ rooms. After searching, finally, they found ou the forbidden book that belonged to the late Lady Yeongbin. This incident makes Sung Deok Im accused of stealing the precious book. They started to interrogate her. When the crown prince found out the news, he hurriedly went to the Deok Im.

The court lady request and begged everyone that she has got a gift from the king when they met at Lady Yeongbin’s funeral and she didn’t steal it. Yi San was shocked by her Deok Im’s confession and remembered the child she met at the lady’s funeral. First, he didn’t believe that the king has given the book to her. The queen and the crown princes give her time to face the King and prove that Deok Im is telling the truth so that she could save from the death penalty.

The Red Sleeve Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, And Recap

After the statement of Sung Deok Im, King has got tears in his eye and remembers that he has given a book to her. He recalls that he has given the book to her because she wanted to be a good hand-writer. When everyone knew the truth, Sung Deok Im is released from the death sentence. The Crown prince asked her if she is accompanied by someone when she visited Lady Yeongbin’s funeral. She is surprised and didn’t tell anything, Passing the time the crown prince searches out that his court lady was the same girl that he is searching for for many years.

Spoilers Of The Red Sleeve Episode 9

The Red Sleeve Episode 9 gives us a slight spoiler about the intense rivalry which is going on with every member of the castle members. Head Court Lady Jo is desperate to stop Yi San from taking over the throne. She remembered that his father used to hurt the court ladies when was in the crown. To stop him, she is taking Sung Deok to achieve the goal. But Sung Deok Im is a strong lady who didn’t fear anything. Did she reject the superior’s orders? So what will happen to her? Whether she will get punishment or something interesting will come up.

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The Red Sleeve Episode 9 Release Date

The Red Sleeve Episode 9 will be going to release on 10th December 2021. All the episodes will be going to stream on  Viki, and MBC. The series episode consists of 16 episodes and the duration of each episode is 1hr and 20 mins. The show is directed by well-known directors Jung Ji-In, and Song Yeon-Hwa. The screenwriter of the show Jung Hae-Ri. Every Friday and Saturday new episode is broadcast at 11:00 (KST). Till now watch The Red Sleeve Episode 9 preview and Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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