The real reason for Isabel Pantoja’s bitter tears in court

Live life Isabel Pantoja

It has been Raquel Bollo who has confessed that Isabel Pantoja’s true discomfort has nothing to do with her problems with the law

Isabel Pantoja publicly reappeared last Tuesday after months confined in Cantora. The tonadillera was forced to appear before the judge accused of an alleged crime of punishable insolvency, a serious offense that could take her back to jail. However, It would not be the fear of going back to prison that would have made the artist collapse in the middle of her statement.This Saturday, Raquel Bollo shed a little more light on the reality surrounding Isabel Pantoja. Although, as her own collaborator has confessed, she hasn’t heard from her “comadre” for several weeks, the Sevillian knows for sure how she is. Bollo was honest in ‘Viva la vida’ and revealed the real reason for Elizabeth’s bitter tears.“With Isabel I have always had a connection that just by looking at each other we understand each other. Whenever she feels like it, she knows I’ll be there,” Raquel told her colleagues while revealing that despite what you may think “she didn’t have her head in the trial. It is so great what she has in her mind for everything that has happened and has sunk her so much… “he remembered.Raquel Bollo talks about the situation of Isabel Pantoja Mediaset The collaborator wanted to highlight one of the phrases that Isabel pronounced before the judge and that for her has great meaning: “He says ‘My brother who is a man as God intended and never leaves me to harm'”, a statement of intent that according to Raquel would be indirectly addressed to Kiko Rivera. Regardless of Doña Ana’s death, Raquel is very clear that “what has taken her ahead is the issue of her son. She doesn’t recover. As far as I know her, that’s how it is … “, she concluded.

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