The presenter Cristina Saavedra suffers the loss of her sister

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This weekend, the presenter of LaSexta, Cristina Saavedra, made known through a complaint on Twitter, the painful situation that her sister was going through, who has finally died as a result of cancer

“My sister’s life is going”, with this heartbreaking phrase Cristina Saavedra denounced on Twitter an outrageous situation that was taking place in the hospital where she was admitted. Unfortunately, the presenter now faces the pain of losing one of the most important people in her life. Her sister has died as a result of terminal cancer for which she was being treated, leaving the LaSexta news host and her family devastated. A heartbreaking loss just nine months after losing her other sister to cancer and her grandmother. As reported by La Razón and La Voz de Galicia, Cristina Saavedra lost her sister on Tuesday, leaving a huge void in her heart and in her of your loved ones. The journalist from A Coruña, very discreet with her private life, had decided not to make public the adverse situation her sister was going through, focused on overcoming the disease with the treatments she was undergoing. However, what happened this weekend They let their anger, frustration and accumulated anguish flow from seeing how their sister’s life slipped through their fingers. A sister, but also a friend, a confidant and a reference. Cristina Saavedra and her family shared the pain these days with other people pending their sick loved ones, but not with the quality and respect that an already heartbreaking moment deserved. “In this hospital there are patients saying goodbye to life. Sick people in his last hours with terminal cancer. And they have started to shoot a movie. So the patient’s relative asks to take the elevator to see his wife and they tell him to wait because they are filming! Not to take the stairs either because they are hanging around. wait”, he denounced this weekend on social networks.”Hey, my sister’s life is going away, there are no minutes. And yes, long live the cinema, but this is not the place for a shoot, here runs the time. there is a lot of pain. A lot. It tears”, he revealed in his stark tweets. “We live with our guts out. We crawled. There was also no space in the public parking lot. It was occupied by the production company’s technical team. Fenced by the City Council. No, man, we all support culture, so did my sister, but sometimes She doesn’t have so many minutes left. What pain and what a shame. Enjoy when the movie comes out,” she denounced, causing a great impact not only because of the grotesqueness of the situation, but also because of the terrible drama she was facing. At the end of June , Cristina Saavedra announced on her social networks the loss of another of her sisters, very shortly after the death of her grandmother. “Twelve days after the death of my grandmother, on the 17th, my little sister passed away. That life can be unbearably wicked, we know. That inside you have strength even if you think you don’t, you discover it ”, she wrote then she broke.

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