The names that sound strong for ‘Survivors 2022’

‘Survivors 2022’: Manuel Bedmar, Makoke and other celebrities who sound like contestants on the reality show Survivors 2021 Agustín Pantoja

The ‘Survivors 2022’ machine is already underway and the first pools of its possible contestants have begun. Celebrities with the offer on the table, rumors and bets… These are the names that sound the strongest to set course for Honduras

Mediaset Updated March 10, 2022, 2:25 PMSpring is here and that means only one thing: the arrival of ‘Survivors 2022’. And we couldn’t be more excited! The clearest indication that, shortly, we will have juicy news from the Telecinco reality show are the first pools with the names that sound the most to be one of the 16 contestants set course for Honduras. Readings has advanced the exclusive news of the powerful offer that Agustín Pantoja has on the table to join this year’s edition. Isabel Pantoja’s brother is the most coveted bet by the organization, as our magazine has learned. Also Manuel Bedmar, boyfriend of Rocío Flores. We review in this gallery the first predictions that already give an idea of ​​how it could be configured the definitive list of the 16 celebrities of ‘Survivors 2022’.

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