The Most Heartbreaking Romance Ending for Nam Joo Hyuk

This Post is a SPOILER!!

Twenty Five, Twenty One” is not the first drama in which Nam Joo Hyuk it doesn’t end with his love interest. At the end of March, she finished the tour of 16 episodes of the youth drama “ Twenty Five, Twenty One ” leaving us with an ending that saddens and disappoints many viewers because the two leads, Na Hee Do ( Kim Tae Ri ) and Baek Yi Jin ( Nam Joo Hyuk ) are separated. In the end, Na Hee Do achieves her success by putting all her efforts into fencing, she becomes a renowned athlete and competes in many countries around the world. Meanwhile, Baek Ye Jin becomes a well-known resident reporter. But neither of them can overcome the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Along the way they meet up often but decide to say goodbye and go their separate ways, however they always regret how angry and emotional they were when they parted ways.

But Nam Joo Hyuk executed an ending even sadder and more heartbreaking than that of «twenty five twenty one«, and it happened in the 2016 drama “ Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo “, Where Nam Joo Hyuk he transformed into the 13th prince Wang Baek Ah, a romantic character with an attractive appearance and aristocratic manners. Unlike his brothers, he has little ambition for the throne. Wang Baek Ah once had a one-sided love for his sister-in-law Myeong Yi (wife of the 8th prince Wang Wook, played by Kang Ha Neul). But she ended up heartbroken when Myeong Yi married her brother and then passed away.

After such heartbreaking unrequited love, Wang Baek Ah was expected to have a beautiful love story with a happy ending. But since we are talking aboutMoon Lovers“Of all the dramas, that is not the case. Later, Wang Baek Ah met and fell in love with Woo Hee (character played by Seohyun ), the princess of a fallen kingdom that suffered from submission and enslavement to Wang Baek Ah’s dynasty, basically the girl was forced to become a Gisaeng.

The romance between Wang Baek Ah and Woo He arises very naturally, based on mutual sympathy and understanding. In Woo Hee, Baek Ah finds peace, healing, and together with him, Woo Hee also gradually forgets hatred and begins to yearn for simple happiness. However, towards the end of “Moon Lovers”in episode 19, Woo Hee chose to commit suicide in front of Baek Ah in exchange for liberation and peace for the people of her kingdom,uuuffff!!!

Seeing this scene, many viewers did not dare to watch the latest episode of Moon Lovers . Because there has never been a drama that, towards the end, makes the viewers feel more heartbroken like Moon Lovers. So, in the same drama, the character played by Nam Joo Hyuk he has to witness the death of the woman he loves twice and can’t do anything.

So, compared to the ending where the protagonists split up and go on to live the rest of their lives knowing that the person they love is still living well and happily as in «Twenty Five…», the end of Prince Wang Baek Ah and Princess Woo Hee is much more pitiful and tragic. Therefore, it is not Na Hee Do played by Kim Tae Ri but Princess Woo Hee played by Seohyun who has the most painful end with Nam Joo Hyuk on the screen. I would like to send advice to Nam Joo Hyuk: Please oppa, DO NOT ever accept a character that contains «Baek» in its name anywhere!! Credits Kbizoom

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