The Manga Barcelona of 2023 will be 5 days

The Manga Barcelona of 2023 will be 5 days

On Tuesday, February 1, we had the pleasure of having on our Twitch channel Meritxell Puig and Oriol Estradatwo of the heads of the organization of the Manga Barcelonawhich this year has important changes such as moves to Fira Gran Vía and change your dates to the December bridge. As these two changes are quite significant, both of them went through our channel yesterday to comment on them and solve doubts that have arisen in recent days, and today they can be resolved, since there are many that it is still too early to answer.

The change that has perhaps caused the most controversy is the change of dates, from the November bridge (normally between October 31 and November 1) to the December bridge (December 6 and 8). There are those who criticize this decision because December is a complicated month to ask for vacations, because of the proximity to Christmas, because university exams are very close or because prices skyrocket because it is a long weekend with many trips. But there are also people who applaud this decision, because they missed celebrating the November long weekend festivities or professionally the dates are better for them. Be that as it may, dealing with the issue of dates, Meritxell made it clear that the change is caused because, after confirming the move to Fira Gran Vía, it was impossible to keep the dates of the November long weekend permanently. As they wanted to continue maintaining fixed dates and for them to coincide with some state bank holiday, the best option at Fira Gran Via, without going too far, was the December bank holiday. In line with this, Meritxell advanced last night, that as this December bridge falls in 2023, They have already reserved the dates for the 2023 Manga Barcelona to last five days.
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Regarding the move to Fira Gran Via, Oriol remembered that it was a logical change. For years they had always been asked “When to Gran Vía?”. Well, it seems that this issue is resolved this year. As they commented in the interview, with the transfer the fair not only gains in space, it now occupies three pavilions and almost 60 thousand square meters; if not, it also modernizes its facilities and accesses. Related to this, among the fans who joined us yesterday on the live, there were also many doubts about the ease of moving to these facilities, but this complex has improved a lot in recent years and it is even easier to get there in your own vehicle. Between jokes, they assured that to solve all these doubts, They will make an explanatory video of how to get there without any problem.

The change of venue offers many other advantages, such as open spaces in the open air, which they plan to dedicate to creating orA great area to eat with foodtrucks and restaurants. The cosplay It was another theme that occupied part of the direct. In the first place, as they already anticipated last week, the main stage will return to the interior of the venue, in one of the three pavilions that will be occupied by Manga Barcelona. And secondly, it was confirmed that in this edition the international contest will returngiving the winners in the different categories the chance to represent Spain in 2023.

The subject of the tickets, which also caused many questions from the chat during the direct, they confirmed that the price will probably go up due to the change of the venue and the increase in the offer of activities, but it will not be exaggerated and will continue the trend of recent years. Regarding the date of departure to the ticket sales, they ventured that it will be in september, after the summer, in the first fortnight and all available at once. If you want to go back live you can see it here and in a few days you will have it available on our YouTube channel.

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