The King’s Affection Episode 11: Release Date, Preview And Watch Online

Viewers have displayed great excitement for The King’s Affection Episode 11. We’ve all been staring at our televisions since the trailer from the prior episode. The long-awaited confession was eventually made. And, while it did relieve a tremendous burden from our shoulders, the sorrow it caused was ten times more difficult to bear. Admirers of the show are glued to every second of this series. It has a lot more interesting elements than any other traditional Korean dramas you have watched.


The King’s Affection Episode 11 is much-awaited. It depicts the terrible account of Da Mi, the Crown Prince of Joseon’s twin. Her father commanded her to be slain instantly due to the superstitious notion that the birth of twins, especially in the royal family, will bring disaster to the populace. Consider it harsh judgment or destiny, but the genuine Crown Prince was assassinated.

Da Mi was able to visit the Palace again, although not as a Princess. She assumed the powerful position of Crown Prince of Joseon while concealing her true identity. This drama demonstrates, albeit subtly, that women are just as capable of ruling a country as the male population. We saw her combat capabilities, intellect, and compassion throughout the ten episodes of The King’s Affection that we have seen.

Every episode illustrates that Da Mi is deserving of the title of Joseon’s ruler. Will she be able to keep her secret hidden as the wedding approaches? With Royal Tutor Jung Ji Won in the midst, can Da Mi and So Eun be competent to perform out the tasks committed to them? Fans seek to find answers to the above questions in The King’s Affection Episode 11.

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King’s Affection Episode 11 Release Date

It has been confirmed that The King’s Affection Episode 11 will be released on 15th November 2021. The curators of this drama show are not pulling away on the plot twists as it enters its second half. The preceding episodes of The King’s Affection have put viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride.

It placed us on cloud nine by providing us Royal Tutor Jung Ji Won’s lovely and incredibly brave revelation. When they split, we all broke down with tears. Furthermore, fans of Lee Hyun and Lee Hwi or Da Mi could be in for a delight, since the upcoming episode suggests a kiss. Despite the lack of clarity, the physical assessment fits the profile of Lee Hyun. The King’s Affection Episode 11 should, therefore not be skipped!

The King’s Affection Episode 11: Release Date, Preview And Watch Online

Where To Watch?

The King’s Affection Episode 11 can be watched on two platforms namely – KBS2 and Netflix. Pursuant to Korean Standard Time (KST), this visually stunning show airs at 21:30 on KBS2. In totality, there are 20 episodes in The King’s Affection. Every week on Mondays and Tuesdays, two fresh episodes are aired.

On the 11th of October, we were initially given this masterwork. This entertainment will remain to brighten our Mondays until December 14th. Furthermore, all foreign viewers will be able to stream The Kings Affection Episode 11 on Netflix with translations. You may watch this imperial romance right after it airs on Netflix if you possess a Netflix account.

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