The investigation into the attack on the US Capitol studies the subpoena of Ivanka Trump

The altercation is being investigated by a committee of the House of Representatives

According to testimonies, the daughter of the former president asked her father several times to stop the assailant mob

The members of the investigative commission believe that Ivanka Trump will not appear of her own free will

The United States House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack studies issuing a subpoena for Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser to the then president Donald Trump, according to The Guardian. Any step in this direction would be a novelty, because for the first time a member of Trump’s own family would be put in the position of testifying against him. At the moment, according to information from The Guardian newspaper, that option has been considered but the commission is not expected to take that step at the moment, although it could take that measure as a last resort. Commission members do not believe that Ivanka Trump will appear of her own free will. On January 6, 2021, a mob sheltered with baseball bats, axes and other weapons violently broke into in the temple of American democracy, the Capitol in Washington. Among the assailants, bare-chested men with horns and bearskin headdresses made up with the American flag or guys who with an ecstatic gesture desecrated the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives by planting her feet on her desk. The protagonists of the assault were supporters of the outgoing president, Trump, who went to the Capitol determined to stop the ratification of the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential elections. They did so encouraged by Trump himself: “We are going to march to the Capitol!,” the Republican president harangued without accepting his defeat. Last January, a year after that, three out of four Americans believed in a survey released by EFE that the involved in the assault -which left five dead- are a real threat to american democracy. The committee would have information from different sources about what Trump was doing during the riots. He claimed to have “first-hand testimony” that would confirm that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the former president and one of his advisers, asked her father several times to intervene to stop “violence” carried out by his faithful.

That gesture has been confirmed on ABC by the vice president of the committee, the disgraced Republican Liz Cheney. The chairman of that committee, Democrat Bennie Thompson, told CNN that Ivanka Trump would have gone to the White House twice for her father to stop what was happening at the gates of the Capitol. The committee in charge of investigating both the attack and the mobilizations and protests called in the previous days has a year to finish its work. The presentation of the conclusions would coincide with the mid-term elections next November.

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