The impressive change of Virginia Maestro, Risto Mejide’s protégé in ‘Operación Triunfo’

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Blonde, brown and even redhead! Virginia Maestro surprises everyone with her impressive transformation over the last decade

Virginia Maestro was 25 years old when she became the winner of her edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’. The young woman became one of the great protagonists of the edition by having the unconditional support of Risto Mejide. Such was her bond that the publicist did not hesitate to produce Maestro’s first album and, in addition, invited her to sing at her wedding with Laura Escanes. It is impossible to forget her intense blue gaze and that jet-black hair that so much her features stood out. However, throughout all these years, the young woman has undergone an important physical transformation. Thanks to her Instagram profile where she has more than 20,000 followers, we have verified that the Andalusian has left behind the dark color and now bet on a much more natural image with a very flattering brown tone that sweetens even more his features about to turn 40 years old.Instagram @virginiamaestro Labuat, as she calls herself in an artistic way, seems to be one of those who quickly get tired of her image and in a short time she has tried different shades, each more different. Virginia has been brunette, brown, blonde and even redhead!

professional twist

After several record jobs, the composer, who lives in Madrid with her sister, has dared with a new work project: be vocal coach. This is what she herself has announced through her Instagram profile, a new professional career that makes her very excited and whose objective is to help all artists who are starting out in a world as complicated as music. Virginia combines this new journey with different performances and on April 22 she will return to the stage.

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