The great sacrifice of Elio Valderrama so that the firm wish of Jesús Mariñas would be respected

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Rosa Benito, very affected by the death of her friend Jesús Mariñas, has had permission from Elio Valderrama, the journalist’s husband, for the great effort he has had to make so that his entire circle will respect his desire to keep the disease a secret.

This May 10, the world of the pink chronicle has been dyed black. His most acid and intelligent voice has faded. Jesús Mariñas died at the age of 79 in Madrid as a result of a very aggressive bladder cancer for which he underwent surgery a few weeks ago. Her husband, Elio Valderrama, has not separated from her side throughout the process, he has been her greatest pillar and support while she faced the harsh treatment and held her hand until her last breath. Rosa Benito, a great friend of the couple, very affected by the loss of the journalist, has had Elio’s permission, a very revealing piece of information that highlights the great strength that Jesús Mariñas showed throughout the illness and the sacrifice of her husband because her greatest wish would be respected: to carry out in silence and with discretion what has been the last stage of her life. Rosa Benito sat in ‘Ya es midday’ with glazed eyes. She had cried before getting in front of the cameras. There have been many confidences, laughs and even tensions shared with Jesús Mariñas. “He adored me,” the collaborator told live. In the end, they had become intimate and he has been one of the people who has been aware at all times of the journalist’s evolution during the last and long stay in the hospital, but also of Elio, who has carried a very heavy burden of having to say goodbye to the love of his life.Rosa Benito, affected by the death of Jesús Mariñas, says goodbye to him in ‘Ya es midday’ Telecinco Although the journalist had revealed last fall that he had been diagnosed with very aggressive bladder cancer, Rosa Benito’s version clarifies the words of his friend. “Mariñas has been like this for a long time, he has been fighting with this for about two years”, has revealed. Why did she make the decision to keep it a secret for so long? “He is a man who has a lot of strength,” Rocío Jurado’s sister-in-law continued, “he wanted them to respect his privacy, he did not want to make it public.”It has been Elio Valderrama who all this time has done everything in his power to make her husband’s wish come true. “She has not left him at any time, not even for a second, she has been with him taking care of him,” Rosa stressed. Yesterday, in the last hours of the incisive journalist’s life, she began the countdown to the most distressing and painful moment for her inner circle, especially for Elio. “Friends always have to have that secret when people are sick and save the moments when you go to visit them. It was what was expected. He has had a lot of affection from all his colleagues,” Rosa concluded, affected.

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