The ‘Great Resignation’ in the US reaches its record: there are already 11.5 million vacant jobs

For every unemployed person in the US there are almost two unfilled jobs

Construction and professional and business services accumulate the highest number of voluntary resignations

Never in this century have there been so many unfilled jobs in America. There is also no precedent for so many people voluntarily leaving their jobs, the so-called ‘Great Resignation’. During the past month of March, the number of unfilled jobs in the United States increased to an all-time high of 11.5 million vacanciescompared to 11.34 million in the previous month and more than three million above the 8.4 million in March 2021, according to data from the work Department, dating back to December 2000. Thus, the number of job vacancies in the United States in the month of March practically doubled the figure of 5.952 million unemployed in March, which means 1.9 jobs available per each unemployed. In it private sector, the number of vacant jobs increased to 10.5 million free positions, while in the public sector there were 1.04 million unfilled positions. By sectors, the largest increase in vacancies to be covered corresponded to retail commerce (+155,000), as well as the manufacture of durable goods (+50,000). By contrast, job offers decreased in transport, storage and public services (-69,000); as well as in local and state education (-43,000.

4.5 million resignations

On his side, the number of job resignations also reached the highest figure in the entire historical series, with 4.5 million, an increase of 152,000 dropouts compared to the previous month, which is equivalent to a rate of 3 percent. Voluntary discharges increased mainly in professional and business services (+88,000) and construction (+69,000).

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