The gift that Paz Padilla has tried to ‘sneak’ to Queen Letizia in their meeting

Famous presenters Paz Padilla

Paz Padilla today attended the lunch that King Felipe and Queen Letizia offered in Zarzuela and the comedian came with a significant gift for the Queen because, according to her, “it could come in handy”

Queen Letizia has reappeared today after the solo act of her daughter Princess Leonor. Already today it has been her turn to regain prominence, and it has done so at a lunch offered to a representation of the world of letters on the occasion of the Miguel de Cervantes 2021 award ceremony. Some well-known faces who have attended this evening have traveled to the Royal Palace. Among them Paz Padilla. The comedian has been one of those who greeted the Kings and has enjoyed the subsequent lunch. In addition, he took the opportunity to make a gift (or at least try) to Doña Letizia.Hours before heading to the Royal Palace, Paz Padilla has been extremely enthusiastic about this visit for which she has prepared without leaving anything to chance. Makeup artists and hairdressers have come to her house to get her ready for this event in which she has worn a black and white look consisting of a blouse and pants. But this has not been the most striking thing about her meeting with Queen Letizia. The highlight has been that he has tried to ‘sneak in’ a very special gift for her. Paz has assured that she was going to bring him his book because “it can come in handy”.Paz Padilla during her meeting with the Kings. Gtres With nerves and enthusiasm, Paz Padilla has said that she was going to take several copies of her book to the Royal Palace to give them to some of the workers of the team of Kings Felipe and Letizia. And among so many copies, the most special wanted to give it to Doña Letizia. “It’s going to be one of the most special things I’ve ever given. I’ve put a dedication on it and I want to give it to Queen Letizia. I don’t know if she will read it, but since it is a book of love, of laughing and arousing emotions, I think she may like it and it may come in handy”, he assured. Knowing that Queen Letizia has also lost loved ones at a young age, Paz believes that this book, in which she deals with a grieving process after a loss, can help her. “Hopefully they let me in,” she said hopefully.Entering they have let him in, but for now it is unknown if Paz Padilla has achieved his goal of giving him his book dedicated to Queen Letizia. Will he have managed to sneak his gift? Surely in one of her next appearances, the presenter tells all the details of this meeting before which she has shown so much enthusiasm

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