The free program that promotes energy saving in classrooms

The Endesa Foundation promotes responsible energy consumption and care for the environment in the classroom through educational programs such as ‘Endesa Educa Digital’. It is a 100% interactive platform, online and free, aimed at teachers and students of 3rd and 4th grade of Primary, which is based on gamification to make everyone aware of the importance of the responsible use of energy, facilitating learning for students. little ones while having fun. The program, based on an original and motivating story for students, is developed through challenges and tests of a scientific nature, helping students to develop skills such as oral and written communication, information processing and social skills and civic Due to the great reception that the program has had among teachers, the Endesa Foundation has extended the registration period for teachers and educational centers until March 31. Those interested who wish to participate in the program can now register through this link and receive one of the program kits.

Challenges, missions and school contests

Endesa Educa Digital is partially developed in a digital environment for teachers, in which technology is a key element to carry out the proposed missions and tasks, without the students being in direct contact with it, but it is a key element to carry out the proposed missions and tasks. Participating teachers and students have to reach the final mission: Save the World. To do this they will meet the ‘Energy Corps’, an elite body made up of Commander Estela and Pilot Ray, who travel the galaxy recruiting agents to overcome the challenges proposed through energy savings and thus complete the final mission: save the planet. world. In addition, they will be able to participate in competitions between schools and opt for one of the three prizes offered by the program to the winning centers.

Endesa Educa Digital

teaching support

All teachers registered on the platform receive an experimentation kit that will serve as support to carry out all the activities and thus be able to overcome the proposed missions. Likewise, they have previous training for the development of the project and a teaching guide so that they can carry it out autonomously. Thanks to its online format, teachers can implement this program with total temporal and geographic flexibility, adapting to the needs and characteristics of each group. In addition, they may enroll in the program with more than one group, as long as it belongs to the 3rd or 4th year of Primary. The project is developed in several stages: welcome to the program, training for teachers through explanatory videos, provision to teachers of all the theoretical content they need, the inter-school competition, and a final stage in which they can complete extra missions on energy if the students still want to continue learning and enjoying the program.

Endesa Educa Digital

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