The European Parliament is concerned about illegal adoptions of Ukrainian children

The European Parliament is concerned about illegal adoptions of Ukrainian childrenGirl at Przemysl train station, PolandGetty

MEPs call for child protection officers to be deployed to borders

According to Unicef, more than two million children have left Ukraine in the last month and a half

The European Parliament is strongly concerned about the fate of Ukrainian children fleeing the warhighlighting the risk of “illegal adoption” of unaccompanied children and has demanded that they be supervised by social services. ANDn a resolution voted by a large majority (503 votes in favour, 3 against, 47 abstentions)MEPs on Thursday urged Member States to take various measures to facilitate the integration of young Ukrainians in their host country. “In order to prevent child trafficking, illegal adoptions and other abuses”, the parliamentarians ask that unaccompanied children “be immediately included in the monitoring systems of social services”, to guarantee their safety and allow a possible “family reunification”.
Recommend child protection officers be deployed to bordersalong with family tracing services. They insist on the need to accommodate unaccompanied minors in a family and non-institutional environment.l, in “quickly appointing” a guardian and in ensuring that brothers and sisters “are not separated”. The Parliament defends the principle of rapid schooling of Ukrainian children and adolescents ‘to limit school dropout’, and calls on the European Commission and the Member States to recruit ‘Ukrainian’ or ‘Ukrainian-speaking’ teachers to speed up their integration. According to the High Commissioner for Refugees, More than four million people have had to flee their homes since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to Unicef, almost half are minors.

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