The EU condemns the closure of secondary schools for girls in Afghanistan

The Afghan regime decided to close educational centers for adolescent girls hours after announcing their reopening

The women’s institutes were closed last August, with the arrival of extremists in power

The European Union has condemned the closure of classes for secondary school girls – from 12 years old – imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. He has described this decision as a violation of the fundamental right to education enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. the afghan regime decided to close the educational centers hours after announcing its reopening. They had been closed since last August, when the extremists took power. “It is a reversal of the Taliban’s public commitment to the Afghan people and a reversal of their assurances given to Afghanistan’s partners, who worked hard to provide the necessary conditions for that all Afghans could return to schools at all levels for the new school year”, declared the EU in a statement. The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, stated, on behalf of the community partners, that “no religious or social reason can justify such unequal treatment”. “This decision further erodes the Taliban’s chances of gaining the internal legitimacy they seekwhich should be won through inclusive and responsible governance instead of through the use of force and violence”, he has sentenced. For this reason, in the statement he has indicated that this decision “further undermines” its credibility in the eyes of international partners, which “opted for a policy of compromise of principles and objectives in the interest of the Afghan people”. “The Taliban’s decision, unless urgently reversed, will have far-reaching consequences in terms of confidence-building that commitment requires”, added the institution. “An educated population is of vital importance for any prosperous and prosperous society. Girls’ education is necessary for full, equal participation and significant role of women in Afghan society. The European Union recognizes the strength and resilience of the women and girls of Afghanistan, who can count on the unwavering support of the European Union.”

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