The escape under the bridge of the Irpin massacre: "They’re shooting but no one can be left"

“Ukrainian people are very tough. They don’t just run away. They come together and come out together.” Igor Chumak tells what he sees under the Irpin bridge, scene of one of the worst massacres of civilians of the Russian invasion from Ukraine. This was where an entire family died trying to flee last Sunday. Mortar fire hit them. The shots continue to be heard, but the avalanche of people does not stop. “Now they’re shooting, but the people are under the bridge, with their dogs and everything. People are very scared. Lots of people, grandparents and all. You can’t leave anyone.” Voices, barking, sobs, drowned out by the current of the river, are heard.
Family murdered after crossing the Irpin bridge last Sundayniusdiario.esThe Russians blew up the bridge and the residents of this town use it as a shield from the shots to leave the city below, crossing the river. It is risky, but the neighbors hurry as they can. At noon the bombardments begin and everything will be even worse. They have to take advantage of the time that remains with the humanitarian corridor open, one of the three that Russia allows in the country. They lose their life, their houses. I’m crying with them too It’s not easy to cross, with the cold and the snow falling hour after hour. The wood placed on the river always on the verge of giving way between the weight of the people and the current of water. Igor helps them get to balance and get around the concrete blocks left of the bridge. When they reach the other side, he offers them food for the journey ahead. “Thousands and thousands of people. We bring the food so that whoever wants to can eat here and go further”. They have 25 kilometers left to Kiev. On foot, more than 5 hours. That for those who do not carry loads. Here there are those who carry their loved ones on their backs. Children or the elderly. A woman approaches Igor crying. She has some names written on her arm. He tries to reassure her. “We have children there, they are shooting them. I have Russians living in my house and my husband and children in the basement.”she says very agitated. “They won’t kill children,” he says. “They kill everyone, we are doctors, we have seen women and children killed,” says the woman as she walks away from her. That one day those shots over there will fall silent and Ukraine will be silent again as beforeThis volunteer does not stop expressing how he feels to see his people like this. “They lose their lives, their houses. I am also crying with them”. A woman carrying two very small children and a red suitcase. People in wheelchairs or with crutches. Faces of anguish under the snow. A dog approaches Igor again and again. He caresses it. “He is alone”.
Igor knows that walking to Kiev is too much for some. And dangerous. He goes up to the road that is over the bridge. It’s lead from abandoned cars. A truck carries food frozen by the cold. blood trails A blue baby stroller.
GettyImages-1239002080People crossing the bridge of Irpinniusdiario.esSearch if someone has the keys in it so that those who flee can use it. Not much more can be done today. Igor will risk his life again tomorrow. He is 32 years old. “This March 24th I turn 33.” From Irpin he keeps his sister informed that she is in Pontevedra, where he has spent the summer since he was 9 years old. From under the bridge he asks for help for his country, but he knows that this is not enough. His greatest wish, as he hears the shots, is another. “May one day those shots over there fall silent and Ukraine will be silent again as before.”

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