The Embassy of Spain in kyiv reopens its doors almost two months after its closure

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The diplomatic legation was closed on February 25, one day after the invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin

In the act presided over by the ambassador Silvia Cortés, Spain and the King were heard alive

The Embassy of Spain in kyiv has reopened its doors This Friday, one day after the visit of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to the Ukrainian capital and almost a month after its closure after the beginning of the Russian invasion, as announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares. “At one in the afternoon has risen again the Spanish flag at the Embassy in kyiv”, revealed the minister from Venice, where he is attending the inauguration of the spanish pavilion at the Art Biennale, emphasizing that “it is another way of supporting Ukraine”. The Ministry of the Interior has distributed images in which two members of the Special Operations Group (GEO) of the National Police –with their faces blurred for security reasons– were in charge of the act of raising the national flagwhile they sounded Spanish anthem chords. In the act presided over by the ambassador Silvia Cortés, Spain and the King were heard alive.

Sánchez had already announced on Monday that the Embassy would reopen in “the next few days” and on Thursday from kyiv confirmed its imminent reopening, in line with what some European partners and also the company itself have been doing in the last week. EU delegation in Ukraine. diplomatic legation It was closed on February 25one day after the invasion of Ukraine ordered by Vladimir Putin, after the departure of the ambassador, Silvia Cortés, along with the staff who were still in convoys in which they also they were evacuated some Spaniards residing in the country.

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