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The Elusive Samurai Chapter 76 Release Date, Raw Scans, Where To Read, And More

A Japanese historical setting, a brave Samurai, and Superpowers that greatly influence the course of the narrative. Does all of this intrigue you? If yes, then you should be checking out this manga! Scroll down till the last to know the Elusive Samurai Chapter 76 Release Date, raw scans, and where to read.

Penned and illustrated by Yusei Matsui, the same artist who wrote Assassination Classroom. Going by the official accolades, the manga series has managed to gain attention. It has been nominated in the category of Best Printed Manga for the 7th Next Manga award. Moreover, the series has made it to the highlight section in the Newer titles. To know if all of these praises hold any substance, give it a read!


As per the prediction made by the fortune teller who is a Shinto Priest, Hojo Tokiyuki will be a great samurai one day. But a bloody conflict takes place and the Kamakura clan is overthrown by the mighty Ashikaga Takauji. Owing to the circumstances, Tokiyuki’s father too committed suicide. All of these events compelled Hojo to leave the place for good. During the escapade, his only companion was the priest and his devotees. Years later, he must retreat back to redeem his rightful position and reclaim the shogunate back to its glory days. The historical setting is the Kamakura and Muromachi periods, one of the greatest empires of Japanese history. 

Based on Japanese history, the tale is a true account of a Samurai who was forgotten from history but no matter what, his contribution was no less. 

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The Elusive Samurai Chapter 76 Release Date

The elusive samurai chapter 76

As of now, 75 Chapters have been available to read for the audience. The elusive samurai chapter 76 will be released on Sunday 4th September 2022. The time for updates will be 12 AM JST (Japanese Standard time), 8:30 AM IST (India), 4 AM in the UK, and 11 PM in US. This is a weekly manga but sometimes gets delayed in updating. Keep your eyes on it every Sunday regardless or we will update you here.

This manga has been popular among manga readers due to its historical setting which is not old-fashioned but employs a millennial approach in its format. It helps in connecting with the audience better. However, the manga has not steered away from its historical narrative and is staying true and relevant to the time in which it is set.

Raw Scans

The elusive samurai chapter 76

Raw Scans are usually made available to the fans 3-4 days prior to the original release date of the chapter. These raw scans are nothing but hints or spoilers accessible in the form of photos, snippets in digital print format to the netizens for eliciting an active interaction about the manga. Raw Scans for the elusive samurai chapter 76 will be easily available on the dates 1st -2nd September 2022. 

Keep a hawk-eye on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, and 4chan. These platforms are a breeding ground for discussion about the chapters which are released or about to be released. You can connect with like-minded fans or those who have a different viewpoint than you about the series.

Where to Read?

If all of such elements are something you enjoy or would like to explore then give this manga a try. You can easily read the upcoming the elusive samurai chapter 76 and all the previous chapters that are already released on — Viz. There are other platforms to read the manga too but we would only recommend an official website. 

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