The BIG lie of Rocío Flores on her television return

The AR program Rocío Flores Carrasco

Rocío Flores has sat down again on ‘The AR program’ to face the controversies that dot her. The expected reappearance of her has been marked by a curious request, but an image shared on social networks has revealed her undisguised contradiction

What a device has forced Rocío Flores to mount on the set of ‘The AR program’ in her long-awaited return! The daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores reappeared before the television cameras after undergoing surgery and undergoing liposculpture. An intervention that has left her very sore but she, despite everything, has returned to the sets to face the controversies that splash her. It has been a rather disappointing intervention for the central issue that she was facing: the explosive testimony of Laura Gutiérrez, lover of her boyfriend Manuel Bedmar, who has told in Readings all the details of his infidelity. Perhaps, because she was very clear that She was going to try by all means to avoid this question and give an answer that would compromise her, she has put a condition on Ana Rosa’s team to answer all the questions…surrealist. And it is that she herself has given herself away in the great contradiction that she has staged.
Rocío Flores returns to ‘El programa de AR’ after her aesthetic operation Telecinco De pie. Solemn, with an affected tone, measuring the drama and believing that she has absolute control over everything. Rocío Flores reappeared before her colleagues from El Club Social and the audience in front of a lectern, as if she were a Secretary of State or the president himself before the press conference of their lives, with the future of a country in their hands. Rocío Flores responded without giving specific answers, but making it clear how sore she was from an intervention from which she was still recovering and the postoperative period was very painful. “I’m much better. I can’t sit down, apart from having my whole body wrapped up, I’m wearing a table, I can’t sit down, I have to lie down or stand up,” he said, highlighting the great sacrifice he was making, a subject that clearly YES wanted to talk.
dew flowersRocío Flores travels sitting on the AVE Málaga-Madrid Instagram @rotrece
However, she herself had given herself away in the great lie, the great fiction that she was representing. And he did it from his social networks. Hours before her return to Ana Rosa, Rocío Flores She shared a story from the AVE that took her from Malaga to Madrid informing her followers that she was back on TV. And she did it sitting down! It is a journey whose duration is around two and a half hours, a time that greatly exceeds the very brief intervention that he has starred in El Club Social, which has barely lasted half an hour, very little for all the ‘iron’ he had. Although on the train you can alternate your posture and get up if you need to, many will wonder what all the live paraphernalia has come for and, will their colleagues make any kind of comment about this condition that has shown that it was quite incidental?

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