‘The aspirant’ – The glow of undeniable success

Describe ‘The wannabe’ to pot soon is pretty easy: It’s a cross between ‘Black Swan’ and ‘whiplash’ shot with the same audiovisual fullness of either of the two. A perfect storm. An energetic and intense work that, like its protagonist, seems doomed to succeed. Because effort and sacrifice must be rewarded. Isabelle Fuhrman leaves her skin giving life to Alex Dall, a university student who in turn leaves her skin to be the best in the rowing team. In an obsessive-compulsive way, she does whatever it takes. Like Natalie Portman or Miles Teller in the two movies mentioned above, you’re either the best or you’re nothing. And her whole life revolves around being the best. The cards with which newcomer Lauren Hadaway plays are clear, but this does not make this vibrant story less exciting, wrapped in exquisite audiovisual finesse. Hadaway was born to make this film, which seems to have been in her head for a lifetime, continually refined to shine with the roundness with which she does it.

‘The wannabe’ It is a dynamic and visceral character study that, beyond the appearance of an a priori very recognizable plot line, stands out, in addition to its excellent calligraphy, for the enigmatic halo that accompanies Fuhrman’s character, which allows as many readings as it has so much scope. our own obsession But, above all, it is a robust work in which all its parts add up to the same goal. The one that does not lack or have nothing left over, adjusted to perfection so that it works to the extent that it intends, and in such an intimidating way as at the time ‘Black Swan’ and ‘whiplash’: With the dazzling and forceful glow of unquestionable success.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias

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