The All Round Wife Episode 35 : Release Date

The All Round Wife Episode 35

This Korean drama series was released only last month on October 4, 2021. This series focuses on the life and struggle of Seo Cho-hee. Our protagonist is focused on creating a posh life for herself in the suburbs of Gangnam. Along with her husband, she plots to buy a house in Gangnam that would appear rich in the eyes of her dear ones. Both the husband and wife are engaged in creating and adjusting to a higher standard of living. They believe that the materialistic wants of life can create happiness for them. Both are suffering through a mid-life crisis and believe this is their only way put. soon reality hits and everything falls apart. Both of them realize that a home is made of people in residing in it.

This realization draws them back to find happiness in the little things that life offers instead of chasing the grandeur of life. This grandiose idea might be the reason for temporary happiness but it eventually leave a person shallow and empty. The director of the series is Choi Ji-young. It has been created for television by the talented Ki Min-soo and KBS Drama Division. This series that gives a mixture of happiness and sadness is written for television by Kim Ji-wan.

The series will run for a total of 120 episodes. The cast of the show includes Han Eun-jung, Han Sang-jin, Shim Ji-ho, and Shim Ji-ho. Han Eun-jung plays the character of Seo Cho-hee, a woman in her late 30’s who is fed up with her life in working for an advertising company. Han Sang-jin plays the character of her husband who is working as a professor in a college and is similarly, fed up with life.

Where to watch All Round Wife episode 35

All the episodes of the series are aired currently on the KBS network at 4:30 pm. These episodes are aired at this time regularly on weekdays. The series is showcased for a duration of 35 mins. Korean viewers can easily switch on to the channel and watch the series at the given time. As for our other viewers, you can log in to the Viki website to watch the show. This site has a whole range of Korean drama that will live up to your taste. You have to pay for a monthly subscription that will help you to watch the episodes without any ad breaks. You are also eligible to download the episodes on your device and watch it at will and at your preferred time.

The All Round Wife Episode 35 Release Date

The 35th episode will be available for viewing on 19th November 2021.

All Round Wife trailer 

Here is the trailer of this awesome series that showcases the adventures of the husband-wife duo.

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