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The 5 keys to obtaining European funding

Posted on May 10, 2022 More and more companies have a project in mind and want to present it to one of the calls that the European Commission offers for them, but they do not know very well what the main requirements that they must meet are. The main incentive to start this journey lies in the fact that funding at the European level has budget amounts that are much larger than what can be achieved at the national level. Next, we give you 5 keys to get the aid that comes directly from the European Commission:

Give solutions to problems that affect citizens: One of the keys to obtaining this aid more easily is that our project results in a service or product that can provide solutions to different problems for citizens. Naturally, they must be aligned with the priorities set by the strategies of the European Union.
disruptive projects: Companies that want to apply for this aid must work on the development of services or products with a technological component that no one has previously developed and that, in addition, offer great advantages over the competition.
Credible and sustainable business plan: Companies must have a business plan that makes the strategy of generating profitability visible to ensure a high exploitation potential of the product that allows them to grow in the medium / long term and generate employment.
Digitization: Although it is unlikely that in the 21st century there is a company that does not have a digital strategy, this is a fundamental requirement in the aid offered by the European Commission. In this way, all the products or services that are offered must have a digitization component.
Horizontal aspects: All companies that want to be financed by the EC have to respond to environmental components, circular economy, gender balance, carbon neutral… And, in addition, they have to get the citizen involved to give greater coverage to the project that is being carried out. will finance However, Is it essential that they meet all the requirements that are demanded or are only some of them enough? Although not all of them are necessary, at least 1, 2 and 3 are essential. However, it must be borne in mind that companies have much greater competition at a European level and, precisely for this reason, it is very important that all these points are carried out in order to have easier access to this type of aid. A company that bets on these 5 keys will have many more possibilities of obtaining these aids than others that only fulfill a couple of them. At Globalcaja, we put at your disposal our Technical office, a high value-added service with which we seek to help companies throughout the entire process of identification, application, preparation of the file and subsequent justification of this type of aid. We encourage you to contact us through our web: https://www.globalcaja.es/es/fund-recuperacion-europeo-next-generation to obtain more information about the different programs of EUROPEAN AID OF THE COMMISSION or about any of the different lines of public aid and options of complementary financing available for your project. INFORMATIONTitleThe 5 keys to obtaining European financingDescriptionDo you need European financing for your company? We give you 5 keys to get the aid that comes directly from the European Commission Author GLOBALCAJA

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