Tania’s confession that could destroy her relationship with Alejandro Nieto

Survivors 2022 · Tania Medina

During the days that they have lived together, Tania has made very good friends with Nacho de Borbón, an approach that could blow up Alejandro Nieto and even more so knowing EVERYTHING his girlfriend has said about the king’s cousin

There are very few days left for the start of Survivors 2022.The 16 contestants who have embarked on this complicated adventure are already in full coexistence and, as expected, the first brushes and approaches have already taken place. While Marta Peñate has caught Desirée Rodríguez criticizing him, Alejandro Nieto has suffered a small attack of jealousy when he saw Tania and Yulen Pereira having a conversation… But beware, because the model’s new confession could shake the foundations of his courtship. The survivors have already faced the first big question to the edition. Who would you take to a desert island? Alexander GrandsonHe has not thought twice and has chosen his girl: “I would go with her obviously because she is my partner and I think we would do very well”… Tanyafor her part, has not chosen the Andalusian and her response has not gone unnoticed. The young woman has opted for Nacho de Borbón, making it clear that he is one of the people with whom she has best connected from the beginning: “It is a good option . He seems to me a sincere, honest boy, in terms of personality. And he also seems to me to be a good survivor because he has said that he knows how to make fire and is very resolute”, Tania has confessed about his partner, words that Alejandro Nieto could not like a hair.

Everyone knows that Alejandro Nieto has a strong temperament, he already showed it during his time on Big Brother VIP 4during the multitude of encounters that he starred in with Laura Matamoros. And we cannot forget his time on The Island of Temptations. She completely lost her temper and even had an anxiety attack. In addition, the one who was Mister Spain has already made it clear: “I’m short-haired and if you hit me I’m going to hit you harder. I’m like that.” Many curves are coming and when Alejandro knows that Tania has not chosen him as option, you can get involved and very fat!

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