Tana Rivera, sheltered by her parents, a very excited godmother in the Hooks

Families Cayetana Rivera Martínez de Irujo

Tana Rivera has served as godmother in the traditional Enganches de Sevilla under the watchful eye of Fran Rivera, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Lourdes Montes and Narcís Rebollo. The young woman has worn accessories that belonged to her grandmothers

Tana Rivera is living today one of the most special days. The daughter of Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Francisco Rivera has had a very intense weekend with the events related to the fact that this year she is the godmother of the Horse Enganches of the April Fair. After dinner on Friday and a day on Saturday in which she wasted elegance, today is the big day. Tana Rivera, With a mantilla and a spectacular aqua green dress, she has gone to the La Maestranza bullring to carry out this very special commitment for her and her family. She there she has been clothed by her parents, her boyfriend Manuel Vega, Lourdes Montes and Narcís Rebollo.Tana Rivera has arrived at the event venue in a horse carriage, and her look has already been seen there. A style in which he wanted to keep his grandmothers very present because as she herself told yesterday, she wears accessories that belonged to them. The mantilla and the fan were from Cayetana de Alba and the coral earrings from Carmen Ordóñez. A beautiful way to keep them present. Nude shoes and an orange shawl have completed her styling.Gtres Tana Rivera has shown her self-confidence and elegance in the Seville bullring. Although she is not very fond of cameras, these days he has shown that he is doing quite well. Something to which today he has added the emotion he has felt.Tana RiveraTana Rivera in Hooks. Gtres Who have not taken their eyes off the event in which Tana Rivera has participated as godmother have been Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Francisco Rivera, that once again they have shown their cordiality and have sat together to enjoy this special moment for their daughter. And just behind them have been seated Lourdes Montes, Narcís Rebollo and Mauel, Tana Rivera’s boyfriend. Curro and Carmen, the young woman’s brothers and children of Fran and Lourdes, have not been absent either.Tana Rivera familyTana Rivera’s family. Gtres Famous as Genoveva Casanova or Jaime de Marichalar are others who have witnessed the traditional Engagements of the April Fair in which Tana Rivera has served as godmother.

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