Tamara Falcó, very dedicated as a DJ at the Íñigo Onieva disco

Famous Couples Tamara Falcó

Tamara Falcó has given everything in her boyfriend Íñigo Onieva’s nightclub, and he has boasted on social networks that Isabel Preysler’s daughter dares with everything

Tamara Falcó does not stop, neither professionally nor personally. The week has been the most intense for the daughter of Isabel Preysler. She began by going to New York Fashion Week, capturing all eyes upon her arrival at the parade with a spectacular look, and where she has continued with the recordings of her reality show for Netflix. She later returned to Spain and, like every week, on Thursday she worked as a collaborator for ‘El Hormiguero’. In addition, her mother has celebrated her 71st birthday, a very important date for Tamara considering the union they have. And she has also taken time to be with her boyfriend Íñigo Onieva, something that this time he has done in a very special way. Tamara has gone to the businessman’s nightclub and… He has been a DJ!Íñigo Onieva has been in charge of sharing a photograph of Tamara Falcó in which she is most dedicated and in which she appears in charge of the music of the Madrid nightclub that he manages. We do not know if Isabel Preysler’s daughter only posed for the photo or if she also dared to play for the audience. But be that as it may, With this photo it is clear that attitude is not lacking and, you know, she dares with everything. So it would not be surprising that he has taken the step to DJing for a while in this venue in the capital.Tamara Falcó at the Íñigo Onieva nightclub. Instagram @ionieva Click or not, this is a sample more than the relationship between Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva is going from strength to strength. Far away are their beginnings, when they avoided posing together and did not even share images of each other. Now this is constant, and with this photo Íñigo has once again shown how happy he is with Tamara and how much he likes to make super different plans with his girl.

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