Synology C2 Backup and Synology C2 Password Review

Introduction to Synology C2 Cloud Services for People

Synology has a powerful public cloud from which they provide a wide variety of services, both to their NAS systems marketed under the DiskStation and RackStation brand (for companies), and to any user who can see their cloud services in the most appropriate way. to address two very current problems: offshoring and automating backups and credential management in online services.

Today we will review two of these services, Synology C2 Password and Synology C2 Backupaccessible to any user, without any need to own a Synology NAS device, our goal being to show you these user services that do not require or are specific to Synology’s own data server ecosystems.

Synology C2 Password

Synology C2 is a personal profile storage cloud, with multiple options, that allows us to store all this critical data in an online store for easy management and also to avoid bad practices, which unfortunately many of us use, of using the same passwords for countless online services that now require this type of credentials.
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C2 Password It offers us a system to generate very secure keys randomly and it does so with a point-to-point encryption system. AES-256 with back key that not even the owner of the service could decrypt by traditional methods. This means that even Synology does not have access to all this personal data that we store in this secure “safe”.
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Not only does it allow us to generate very secure passwords, with complete randomness of the character string, but once verified it will be able to recognize the services and fill in the verification fields for us, without us having to remember any of the data. The less we know about our passwords, the more secure we ourselves will be.
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Password C2 stores all this sensitive data in the cloud and requires a double decryption password (we have to login with our email account, or SSO service, and then enter the decryption key) to access the data. At the same time, it provides us with a security code that we must keep in a safe place in order to recover access to the account in case we forget our credentials. It will be the only password that we will have to remember again.
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The system does not interfere with our normal navigation, and is also compatible with two-step verification systems. It is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge (Chromium versions) as well as cross-platform with support for PC, Mac, Android and iOS (iPadOS).
We will have autocomplete in any of the Web services where we have completed the process and unlike other credential aggregation systems, the elimination and modification options are very accessible through the plugins for the main browsers. We can even set additional parameters with the most modern security standards to each of the profiles. Another free option Synology C2 Password is that we can share files from our computer or device quickly and safely with unique links that only the recipient can open. The limitations are found in that we can only have one transfer available at the same time, and to a single recipient, and that the maximum size of it is 100MB, it is a “preview” of another Synology C2 cloud payment service that is called C2 Transfer which is licensed on a space available basis.
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As verification, it first asks us for the recipient email, and a code sent to the destination account when we have done the first verification of the email account, so it is impossible that, even knowing the email account, we can access the shared data. The code is temporaryl, lasts 5 minutes, so finding out all six digits is practically impossible by traditional methods.

Synology C2 Backup

Another service available to any user is C2 Backup. This cloud backup system offers us up to 500GB on trial plan, is compatible with Windows devices, with any of the most recent versions of the Windows operating system and not only does it make real-time copies of the system, but we can also choose how the backup copies are made and what we want to save in them. Backups not only include our data but also applications and system settings. The process is automatic, and data transit and storage is fully encrypted so we will have a remote copy of our data that not even the owners of the service have service to.
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Backups are incremental so we save bandwidth, time and destination storage, all the configuration is online, only a copy agent is installed in the system and we can also carry out the restoration operations from the online interface. This makes the operation really easy and accessible for all types of users. You just have to log in at the agent, with our account data Synology C2 Backup And voila, we will have a summary of the applied configuration, which we can change from the control panel on the web.
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We will have the usual copy options in any backup application, such as daily or weekly copies, being able to choose which days of the week, and of course the execution time. We can also force copies if we have an important point where we want to make a timely copy. It has a version system, which will have to be handled carefully so as not to run out of space quickly, which are always interesting in case we have to go back to some point in time.
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Synology C2 has instances of storage in Central Europe, specifically in Frankfurt, so the latencies to Spain are quite low and the upload and download speeds are really good. The Windows agent will inform us of interesting data such as the progress of the copy, estimated time and it also offers a more detailed log with information on the executions of the application.
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Experience with these services

During the days that I have had the opportunity to try both services for myself, the most satisfactory has been without a doubt C2 Backup because it is a well-managed copy system, remotely, where we hardly even know that it is running on our computer. It’s fast, with a few 300mbps upload speed on my test PC (the first 100GB copy took about 40 minutes, the rest I barely found out), and the incremental copies are fast and efficient, in a few minutes we will have our PC with an updated copy in the cloud, safely stored .
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The configuration, the restoration possibilities, the remote navigation and the backup options are perfect and accessible to anyone, without the need for any knowledge and executable wherever we are, wherever our computer is, with the sole condition of having access to Internet.
C2 Password It has also been very useful for me, although it is true that some browsers, more or less, integrate this type of thing. The advantage is that we can add more information, we can make it work with more complex access systems and it gives the sensation of a much higher security than that offered by the standard browser.
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Its only drawback, at least initially, is that it doesn’t work with all the online services I’ve tried and also the integrated systems of the most popular browsers will be a nuisance for the service plugin itself, so I recommend disabling them in the browser. Once the problems are done, in 90% of the cases, they disappear.

Analysis and conclusion

Synology C2 it is an interesting cloud outside of the usual services. It has the backing of a brand that knows what it is doing in data management, especially away from the more traditional and also more exposed services. Personally I have loved your backup system, agile, remote, well managed and easy to use.
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The prices are reasonable, the C2 Password is free, being the payment options for the C2 Backup of 37 euros per year for 500GB, 100 euros per year for 2TB, also having extra storage of up to 5TB for about 250 euros per year. Monthly payment subscriptions have a 16% surcharge, but we can cancel them whenever we want. The trial version is for 180 days, with 500GB of storage capacity. Having remote storage for our backups, for our work or personal data, is something that we must value very seriously and honestly 37 euros a year far outweighs the cost of having to pay a ransom in bitcoins or a hard drive recovery. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!

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